Woman: I Talked to My Unborn Baby and “Made Peace With It” Before Aborting

National   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Nov 21, 2014   |   2:06PM   |   Washington, DC

A Planned Parenthood worker who got pregnant and chose to have an abortion said the following:

ultrasound3d20“I felt this entity within me, flooding me with immense strength and love… While pregnant, there was also the feeling that I was never alone. I spent a lot of time lying on my bed with my hand on my belly letting the buzz of contentment vibrate through me….

I am selfish and I know it. I want to travel the world and be a perpetual student. I know that, from my perspective, having a child would mean giving up many of my dreams, and until I am as joyful about the prospect of becoming a parent as I am about my other pursuits, I can’t give a child what he/she deserves.

But the pregnancy helped me see why others would choose parenthood. My pregnancy experience struck a very basic primal chord within me, and I was amazed by the creation occurring within me. .…

Having an abortion is not always traumatic. If you can get beyond societal shame and expectation, you might find a message just waiting to be discovered. I never turned away from the fact that I would be ending a potential life. Facing and accepting this was the most important thing I could’ve done to prepare myself for my abortion.

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This might sound strange to some, but I actually talked with the being inside of me. I made peace with it. I knew that there was a reason for this pregnancy and it wasn’t about becoming a mother.”

Rochelle Moser “The Necessary Evil?” in Krista Jacob Our Choices, Our Lives: Unapologetic Writings on Abortion (Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, 2002 – 2004) 105 – 107

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