Mother Dies Just After Birth, Sacrificed Her Life to Save Her Baby

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 21, 2014   |   4:07PM   |   Denver, CO

A Colorado woman lost her life because of an amniotic fluid embolism after giving birth to her second child. According to the Mayo Clinic, an amniotic fluid embolism is a rare but serious condition that occurs when amniotic fluid — the fluid that surrounds a baby in the uterus during pregnancy — or fetal material, such as hair, enters the maternal bloodstream.

karisabugalOn November 3, Karisa Bugal was scheduled for a routine caesarean section; however doctors quickly discovered she had condition. She had a few options. Karisa could delay giving birth, which could save her life but risk her sons; she could stay awake for her surgery but by the doctor’s would have put in a spinal tap it’s possible her son would not have made it; or she could have an emergency caesarean section.

She chose to deliver her son right away and her give him best chance of survival. Tragically, she passed away shortly after he was born; but prior to her death she was able to ask how much he weighed. Her son, Declan Jay Bugal, was born weighing a healthy 7lb 4oz.

The Bugals have set up a GoFundMe page and have raised over $40,000 to cover immediate costs and to help secure the future of the Bugal’s two children. This is how they describe Karisa:

Karisa Bugal was the beloved Wife of Wes Bugal and the Mother of 2 children.

karisabugal2Together they have a Daughter Mallory and a newborn baby named Declan. Karisa was tragically taken due to an Ambiotic Fluid Embolism while giving birth to Declan on November 4th, 2014. This is an extremely rare complication of child birth only seen in approx 1 of 80,000 births. Karisa was 34 years old and was set to celebrate her 8 year wedding anniversary on the 5th followed by her 35th Birthday on the 8th of November.

The medical staff informed Karisa of the Embolism and the immediate danger it would pose. She chose to have them perform an emergency C-section so Declan could be born sacrificing her own body and ultimately her life to save his. Karisa was conscious of Declan being born just before the Doctors were forced to take her to the ICU. She simply asked “How big is he?”

Ultimately, Karisa sacrificed her own life to save her sons. Her husband, Wes Bugal said he cannot describe the challenge of moving forward with a toddler, a newborn and no wife. He said, “How do I explain to him that his mom is gone giving birth to him? I think about that all the time,’ he said. ‘How do I explain when he asks where’s mommy?”

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Learn more about Karisa’s sacrifice in the video below and if you want to help the Bugal’s financially click here.