New Zealand Will Destroy 2,000 Frozen Human Embryos, Killing Unique Human Beings

Bioethics   |   Ken Orr   |   Nov 20, 2014   |   10:43AM   |   Wellington, New Zealand

Right to Life makes no apology for speaking up in defence of the right to life of the voiceless human embryos who are nameless and who are deemed to be unwanted and surplus to requirements.

More than 2,000 human embryos, stored and frozen, are sentenced to be destroyed –dare we say murdered – from Saturday 22nd November. There are 10,000 embryos in storage in New Zealand. This is an appalling violation of human rights that is sanctioned and funded by the state. They are being destroyed in accordance with the requirements of the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act, 2004. The Act requires that human embryos, stored and frozen in the six IVF Clinics in New Zealand must normally be destroyed after ten years. Violence against children starts here.

IVF comes from the same culture of death as abortion which decides who shall live and who shall be killed.

humanembryos4What is the status of these human embryos?Human life begins at conception, Human embryos are human beings at the beginning of their life.

Each one of us commenced our life’s journey as an embryo; they are members of a family, they have a mother and a father, they have received from each parent 23 chromosomes. They now have 46 chromosomes and are a unique and unrepeatable miracle of creation. At conception, the human embryo is endowed by its Creator with human rights, the foundation right being an inalienable right to life. The human embryo is entitled to the respect accorded to the human person.Why are we not giving the human embryo the respect and protection it deserves?

Right to Life request;

  • That those human embryos which are targeted for destruction be accorded a respectful burial and not be incinerated as medical waste.
  • That the minister of Health  continues to decline any further recommendation from ACART that so called “surplus embryos” be used for scientific research.

Human embryos not required for immediate implantation are stored in liquid nitrogen for possible future use. It is a violation of the human rights of the human embryo to freeze and store them. Human embryos are not a commodity. Their incarceration is a form of slavery.

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Right to Life shares the anguish of many parents at the destruction of these abandoned and orphaned children, which will for them be a cause of grief and sorrow. The destruction of these defenceless and innocent human beings is a further reminder that IVF is totally immoral. It is part of a culture of death and is a violation of God’s plan for procreation. It is disappointing that our government is prepared to continue to sanction and fund a technology that violates human rights.

Life is a gift from our Creator and Right to Life has compassion for those families who are not blessed with children. Every child has a right to be conceived in its mother’s womb, not in a Petri dish. Every child has a human right not to be frozen and not to be stored. Let us not forget these children who will never have the pleasure of feeling the warmth of the sun on their bodies or the embrace of their mother, these are our children too, they are members of our community. Let us weep for them and their parents, let us not forget them. Note: Ken Orr is the spokesman for Right to Life of New Zealand.