Couple Who Lost Premature Baby Get Married at Bedside of Surviving Twin

State   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Nov 20, 2014   |   5:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Kristi and Justin Nelson tragically lost one of their sons, who was born stillborn 2 months ago, when Kristi gave birth 15 weeks early. However, that is not the whole story and there certainly is a bit of happiness to the family appearing in the news.

As Daily News reports, while baby Colt had died, his twin J.J. survived. J.J. was born at 1 pound, 13 oz. and suffered from underdeveloped lungs. While he has been in the NICU, he has since tripled in size and it is hoped he will be able to go home soon.

nelsonfamilyEven more touching though is the special role J.J. got to play from the NICU. Kristi and Justin decided to get married, doing so right at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. J.J. was part of the ceremony, as he served as the ring-bearer, which was balanced on his chest as he wore a tuxedo onesie.

The couple’s 8 year old daughter and other family members were present from the ceremony, with Kristi wearing a donated wedding dress.
And from ABC News:

“After losing our baby Colt, J.J.’s twin, we decided that we’ve been putting it off for too long and with him getting stronger, we wanted to share this day and include him in it as well,” Nelson said.

Her wedding dress was donated and the couple borrowed J.J.’s tuxedo onesie from a friend.

The couple says the ordeal has only made them stronger.

“We’ve had great times and we’ve definitely been through some very tragic and hard times,” Nelson said. “Our love has only grown and made us stronger. We know that after all we’ve been through, there’s no doubt that we can make it through anything.”

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While the death of young Colt Nelson is certainly a tragic one, his family’s story is still an incredibly touching and life-affirming one. Kristi and Justin grew stronger, as Kristi herself said, through the bond of marriage, and were able to do so in the presence and memory of their children. And the idea of “we can make it through anything,” is certainly one those who have experienced the loss of a child can use to help them find peace in their lives.