These Extremely Premature Babies Beat the Odds, Creative Pictures Celebrate Their Lives

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 19, 2014   |   6:51PM   |   Atlanta, GA

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Healthcare Atlanta participated in a new photo series called “From the NICU to the Moon.”

The series stars preemie babies sleeping and dreaming of their future careers.

The newborns vary in age from 24 weeks to 34 weeks and a spokesman from the hospital said, ““These babies all have unique challenges so we wanted to show them beating the odds.”

The pictures are also intended to promote safe sleep practices for newborns. Take a minute and look at the sweet sleepers below.

  • The first baby in the series, Brentley Shaw, is 25-weeks-old and is featured as an astronaut.


  • 37-week-old Sofia Hill is featured as a ballerina because she was born into a family of dancers.


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  • 25-week-old Arianna Battle likes to wave her hands in air and the nurses saw her as a chef, dicing and chopping food in her own restaurant.


  • The fourth baby in the series, Madilyn Forth, loves being held and is very vocal social.


  • The final baby featured in the series is 34-week-old Carolina Stay. The hospital staff say she came into the world squirming and hasn’t stopped since. They featured her as an Olympian.