Are Pro-Abortion Groups Right When They Claim 1 in 3 Women Will Have an Abortion?

Opinion   |   Kelsey Hazzard   |   Nov 18, 2014   |   12:47PM   |   Washington, DC

As a resource for all of you internet debaters out there, Secular Pro-Life is proud to introduce!

Abortion activist groups are making increased use of the claim that one out of every three American women will have an abortion, and many well-meaning people on both sides of the fence repeat the statistic without knowing its deceptive origins. sets the record straight: the study cited for the 1 in 3 claim actually contradicts that claim, and in any event, the dramatic drop in the American abortion rate since 2008 has completely altered the landscape.

1in3campaign3Thanks to a decrease in unplanned pregnancies and better resources for young women who do become pregnant, there’s just no feasible way that the lifetime abortion rate is anywhere close to 1 in 3. And that’s worth celebrating! Today’s girls and young women have much better things to look forward to than abortion.

Abortion advocates plan to push the false “1 in 3” theme on social media this Thursday beginning at 1pm. Hashtags will include #1in3speaks and #1in3. Your job is simple: when you see it, respond with a link to

Don’t be accusatory or feel obligated to engage in a protracted debate. Remember, most rank-and-file pro-choicers are not being deliberately deceptive; they’re merely repeating what they’ve heard from what they believe is a reliable source. Gentle correction is all that’s called for here.

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While I’d like to close with something like “let’s nip this myth in the bud,” that’s overly optimistic. Abortion advocacy groups will no doubt continue to peddle the myth for as long as they can get away with it. So don’t stop after Thursday! After all, it’s an easy website to remember. Link to it wherever you see the 1 in 3 claim, for as long as it takes.

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LifeNews Note: Kelsey Hazzard is the head of Secular Pro-Life.