Cute Baby Teaches Family’s Pet Dog How to Jump

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 17, 2014   |   7:52PM   |   Washington, DC

In this cute video, baby Alexis teaches the family pet, Dakota, how to jump. First, the dog watches the baby’s shadow on the kitchen floor as she bounces in her jumper.

Then, Dakota jumps in and joins her.

The Daily Mail shares more:

howtojumpDuring the scene, in an unknown location, the dog repeatedly leaps in the air – with all four legs off the floor – and pounces on the little girl’s shadow.

Alexis giggles in delight as the perplexed pet lands on her shadow and then steps back and leaps again.

The one-minute video has been watched over 6.3 millions times since mum Sabrina Sauve uploaded it to YouTube last Thursday.

It has been a hit with viewers, with one user writing: ‘Love them both!’

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Another added: ‘That moment when you realize your dog is trying to protect your baby from the monster living underneath your house. ’

The dog is actually leaping on the baby’s shadow, which keeps moving on the floor, something which apparently it has always loved to do.