Lillie Had Anencephaly and Could Have Aborted, But Her Mom Will Never Forget Holding Her

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 12, 2014   |   5:42PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

There is a certain level of courage when a mother and father reject abortion when confronted with the tragic circumstance of an unborn baby with severe disabilities that abortion activists just don’t understand.

babylillieTanya Coonan is one such courageous mother. As the Irish pro-life group Life Institute explains, she rejected an abortion even though she learned her unborn baby girl named Lillie had anencephaly.

Tanya Coonan was expecting twins but one little girl, Lillie, was affected by iniencephaly, a condition which is life-limiting. When she was born, Tanya and her family held her in their arms for 2 hours and ten minutes before she passed away, surrounded by love.

Tanya says she was told her baby had no viability with life, but “she fought on” to meet her loving family.

“Even though I miss Lillie so much, I’m glad I got to say hello to her, and hold her, and not just terminate her life as suggested. She is my beautiful angel, and I wouldn’t change her for anything,” she says in this profoundly moving video which has already attracted 5200 views in its first week.

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As the push to legalise abortion for babies with profound disabilities intensifies in Ireland, the testimonies of families like Tanya and others in Every life Counts shows the importance of every child, and the urgent need to support families.