NAACP Completely Ignores Election of Pro-Life Blacks in Election Statement

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 7, 2014   |   11:02AM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-abortion NAACP is coming under fire for completely ignoring the election of pro-life African-America candidates in Tuesday’s election. The venerable civil rights group is increasingly pushing its abortion agenda and has been embroiled in a lawsuit seeking to deny free speech rights to a prominent black pro-life advocate.

naacp12The NAACP has also attempted to intimidate LifeNews into ceasing its reporting of its pro-abortion position and activities.

Not only did pro-life candidates win huge election victories across the board last night, but black pro-life candidates won as well and helped undermine false criticism from the other side that somehow the pro-life issue is not one that resonates with African-Americans. But the NAACP makes no mention of their victories.

The Washington Free Beacon describes the latest NAACP antics:

GOP Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams slammed the NAACP for ignoring the historic elections of candidates Mia Love (R., Utah) and Tim Scott (R., S.C.). Williams criticized the NAACP on Twitter Thursday, saying “If the [NAACP] was a truly bipartisan org thay [sic] would support all blacks not just dem Blacks.”

Williams told Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt that “all black accomplishments in America should be congratulated.”

“The fact that we have more black people in elected office should be something to celebrate because it is for the advancement of all black people, despite your ideology,” Williams said.

“It’s an important step. It’s historic that Tim Scott is the first black person ever elected to both the House and the Senate if they choose to ignore it, I think it shows a fault on their part.”

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naacpbIn the deep South, South Carolina voters sent pro-life Republican Tim Scott back to the U.S. Senate, making him the first black candidate to win a statewide race there since just after the Civil War. Scott is also the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction.

Meanwhile, in Utah, Mia Love won her congressional race to become the first black Republican woman in Congress. Love is a proudly pro-life candidate who had strong support from pro-life groups.

And in Texas, pro-life congressional candidate Will Hurd won his race, unseating Rep. Pete Gallego.

“I sleep like a baby every night knowing I did absolutely everything I could to win this race,” Hurd said of waiting until the bitter end for results. “We always knew it was going to come down to the very end.”