5 Hilarious Reactions By Liberals In The Media After Last Night’s Pro-Life Victory

National   |   Scooter Schaefer   |   Nov 5, 2014   |   6:38PM   |   Washington, DC

By any account, the GOP gave the Democrats a serious shellacking in the midterm elections last night… gaining at least 7 Senate seats; 12 in the House; and mopping the floor in numerous Governor races.

chrismatthewsPolitico has a great breakdown here.

So naturally the liberal media was a madhouse of shock, denial, and flat-out despair. Here are the top five clips we found.

1. Tom Brokaw Laughably Claims No ‘Big Ideological’ Win for GOP

2. MSNBC Hosts Panic on Midterms: ‘I Don’t Know What Good News Would Be’

3. NBC’s Chuck Todd Denies GOP Wave; Changes Mind 45 Minutes Later

4. MSNBC’s Maddow: Republican Wins Seat, Dems ‘Won the Argument’

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5. As World Crumbles in on Dems, ABC Clings to War on Women

There you have it folks.. pure liberal media lunacy.

LifeNews Note: Scooter Schaefer writes for the Media Research Center.