Ohio Pro-Life Governor John Kasich Wins Re-Election as Abortions Drop to Historic Low

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 4, 2014   |   8:52PM   |   Washington, DC

Governor John Kasich has won his bid for reelection in Ohio as abortions have dropped to historic lows in the Buckeye State thanks to his policies.

New figures from the state of Ohio show abortions have declined to a historic low thanks to the work of pro-life laws that have resulted in shutting down abortion clinics that can’t protect women’s health and safety.

johnkasich2Earlier this year, the Ohio Right to Life PAC announced its endorsements for the 2014 general elections and, following four years of pro-life leadership from Governor John Kasich, the PAC issued a second endorsement for the governor.

Under Governor John Kasich’s pro-life leadership, Ohio abortions have dropped to all-time lows. In 2012, 25,473 abortions were performed in Ohio, down half from the record high of over 45,000 abortions performed in the 1980s. Over the last four years, Governor Kasich has signed into law 12 Ohio Right to Life initiatives, including the de-funding of Planned Parenthood and a late-term abortion ban. In 2012, Ohio witnessed a 30 percent drop in abortions after 19 weeks.

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When John Kasich took office, Ohio had 18 abortion facilities. Today, the state has 11. An abortion mill in Toledo and one in Sharonville are also on the verge of being closed. Clinics have closed across the state for various reasons, including failure of health inspections and lack of a legal transfer agreement with a local hospital. One late-term abortion facility closed following the enactment of the late-term abortion ban

Katie McCann, the Public Relations Manager for Ohio Right to Life, told LifeNews why the group endorsed the governor and said he has been a champion for unborn children.

“We are endlessly grateful for Governor Kasich’s compassion for women and their children,” said Katie McCann, public relations manager for Ohio Right to Life. “His administration is doing its job by holding these mills accountable to basic health and safety standards.”

Governor Kasich’s challenger, Ed FitzGerald, identifies as “100 percent pro-choice,” which has Ohioans wondering just how radically pro-abortion his administration would be.

“John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald present two very different paths for Ohioans: The path to life or the path to abortion,” said McCann. “Our hope is that voters will look at Governor Kasich’s incredible pro-life record for the last four years, and vote for another term of pro-life leadership this fall.”