An Accident Left Her Partially Paralyzed, Now She is Walking Again

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 3, 2014   |   11:58AM   |   Washington, DC

In August, Jaime Carnucci broke her neck and suffered a spinal injury after diving into a shallow lake. The accident left her partially paralyzed; but after months of therapy, she’s regained the use of her legs.

carnucciShe thanks her husband, Frank, for her success.

Carnucci told ABC News, “I have the best husband in the world. He was amazing. It really takes something like this to show how close. I have no words. He did everything I could think of and he never got tired of it and he was always there. He’s the hero here, not me.”

ABC News shares more:

Carnucci was vacationing with her husband, Frank Carnucci, and friends when she and her girlfriends decided to go for a nighttime swim. She dove into the shallow lake, hitting the bottom at an odd angle.

“I remember hitting the bottom of the lake and it was just a weird feeling,” she said. “I never felt any pain; it was just a ringing in my ears. I felt like I was floating.” Her friend dragged her out and they kept her body still until ambulances rushed her to emergency surgery, which ended up saving her ability to move.

carnucci2“When I had come out of the water, the only movement I had was from my elbows to my shoulders,” she said. “And when I woke up from surgery the next morning, I could move my right foot. And from then on, slowly, things just started to wake up.”

After the accident, Jamie and her husband moved to a rehabilitation center so that she could recover. Frank set up a Facebook movement under the hash tag #CarnucciStrong, in reference to the #BostonStrong movement. Friends and family helped them care for their children and sent them photos, cards, and flowers.

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In the video below, watch Jamie walk for the very first time since her accident!