English Media Label Pro-Life Prayer Campaign “Too American” for Britain

International   |   Shawn Carney   |   Oct 30, 2014   |   9:33AM   |   London, England

When Robert Colquhoun first brought 40 Days for Life to his home country of England in 2010, he had no idea what God had in store for him. Robert actually moved to London to lead that first campaign … and has since seen 40 Days for Life spread throughout the UK.

He has debated the head of the largest abortion provider in England on national radio. He has also seen a huge response from national media including The Guardian, the BBC and The Daily Telegraph.

After dozens of peaceful campaigns, lives saved and an abortion facility closing in London, some of Robert’s critics in England still don’t know what to make of 40 Days for Life … so they resort to labeling it “too American” for Britain.

This is comical for Robert, who is very clear that he speaks the Queen’s English. Today we see how prayer can go anywhere. Robert’s efforts to spread 40 Days for Life across England — and beyond — show that we must rescue those being led to the slaughter … regardless of our nationality.



This is the second 40 Days for Life vigil outside the BPAS abortion facility in London’s Twickenham area. Thus far, nine babies have been spared from abortion. Still … Justyna, the local leader, said they’re praying for other mothers and babies who remain at risk.

One couple arrived at BPAS, determined to have an abortion because of their financial situation, but “they didn’t want to believe that we offer help.”

Another young woman is feeling extreme pressure from her boyfriend, who’s insisting on abortion. A third woman is eight weeks pregnant, very confused and not sure what to do.

Finally, there was a woman who is pregnant with twins. “She couldn’t go through with it, but they rebooked her abortion appointment. She is an alcoholic and scared to death to have her babies, because social services will take them away.”

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In the midst of all of this, people have been arriving at BPAS for job interviews. “We spoke to few people who were going in,” Justyna said. “Please pray that God will give them better jobs.”



Robert met volunteers in Hallam and thanked them for joining thousands of people around the world praying and fasting for an end to abortion. He noted that this collective witness is very powerful.

Bernadette in Hallam said Bishop Ralph Heskett was scheduled to pray at the vigil, and she is pleased that he is supporting the campaign.

“We completed an outreach at Sheffield University Chaplaincy,” she added. “We shared testimonies with the students and told them about our campaign. Let’s pray that these young people will take their active place in the pro-life movement.”



The third 40 Days for Life campaign in Leeds is currently underway. In Leeds, Robert met with Chris, the local leader there, and other volunteers. The vigil in Leeds takes place in front of a Marie Stopes abortion facility. Marie Stopes and BPAS are the two leading abortion businesses in the UK.



Riga is the capital city of Latvia – a nation on the Baltic Sea that shares a border with Russia. Latvia is a country of 2 million … and there are 7,000 abortions there every year. The first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign in that nation is now taking place.

While in Riga, Robert met with Janis Lulle, the campaign leader there, along with the rest of his team. He also met Archbishop Zbignev Stankevics, who is an abortion survivor himself.

Prayer walks have been conducted around the hospital in Riga, and the campaign has received excellent media coverage.

LifeNews.com Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.