Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Display With “Life Begins at Ejaculation” Message

State   |   Kristin Hawkins   |   Oct 30, 2014   |   11:09AM   |   Rochester, MI

Vandals struck a pro-life chalking display at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

ejaculationSayings such as “Life begins at ejaculation” and a giant “NO” after the words “Just give me a chance Momma” were written on the students’ pro-life chalkings.

Instead of having a thoughtful, civil discussion with the pro-life groups, those who opposed the pro-life message used ridiculous slogans and hateful speech to ruin the chalking display.  Here is the account from the pro-life students themselves:

Last night, a small group of students gathered on Oakland University’s campus to chalk positive pro-life messages. While chalking, we were confronted by multiple angry students who were very vocal about their stance on abortion.

One student walked up to us and said, “We need to get the pro-choice group out here to stop this.”

A student that was chalking with us heard another student say, “I would stop and argue with these idiots but I know that I would win.”

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ejaculation2Overall, we felt a lot of hostility from students in response to our very peaceful messages. Early this morning, a member of our group discovered some graffiti drawn on our chalk messages. This is the second time this semester that our messages have been vandalized, not including a display that was torn down earlier this semester.

Our voices our being heard on campus. Students know who we are, and this has caused a lot of tension. We are unsure of who is doing the graffiti, and there is currently no active pro-choice group on campus. Regardless, we will continue to spread our message on campus and respond with love to those who fight back.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time vandals have struck pro-life displays on campus this semester.

At Portland State University, campus police were called when vandals destroyed part of the Planned Parenthood Project display. At Eastern Michigan University, vandals drew swastikas on the pro-life chalkings on campus.