When the Clinic Refused to Perform an Abortion, She Knew It Was a Sign

State   |   Dr. Brent Boles   |   Oct 29, 2014   |   4:59PM   |   Nashville, TN

I saw a patient in the office recently, and we had the most inspiring conversation. She gave me permission to share her story; I will refer to her as Jane, although that is not her real name.

Jane shared with me that she has now had control over her drug addiction for a few years. Her problem began through no fault of her own. She had been in an accident, and then was on chronic narcotic pain medication for an extended period of time. Once completely healed and no longer in need of the narcotics for pain, she had a physiological need for them—an addiction.

sadwoman23She began to use whatever she could get her hands on; it didn’t matter what it was. It branched out from narcotics into other substances like cocaine. Her life was a mess. She already had two children.

One day, she began to suspect that she was pregnant once again and a feeling of absolute horror came upon her. She knew that all the substances she had been putting in her body would have been horrible for the baby. She knew that she would have an exceedingly difficult time living with the guilt if her baby had birth defects and developmental disabilities as a result of her choices. So she decided to have an abortion.

Her mother and stepfather did their best to talk her out of doing that. She had no money, but was able to persuade her sister to give her two thousand dollars and take her to an abortion clinic in Nashville. She walked in to the door confused, sad, and terrified. Her sister waited in the car for her.

Now, you must understand something about abortion clinics. Their business is abortion—it puts cash in their pockets and keeps the gates of hell (their front doors) open. They never refer to the baby as a baby. They never say anything or do anything to help the woman feel connected to the baby.

In her 2004 diatribe The War On Choice, former Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt never once refers to the baby as a baby. Current Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has repeatedly said that the question of when life begins “isn’t relevant to the conversation” about abortion.  They know that if a woman feels a connection to the baby, she is far less likely to abort. They know that once a woman sees a picture of the baby moving around on ultrasound and hears the heartbeat, then she is more than 90% likely to walk out the door without an abortion.

As a result, abortion clinic ultrasound technicians never let the woman see the screen. They never refer to the baby as a baby. They never personalize the pregnancy for the woman because that doesn’t get them paid.

Keep those facts in mind as you read what happened next. Jane was having her ultrasound done. The technician began talking to her about the baby, saying things like, “Everything looks normal” and ”Oh, what a strong healthy heartbeat!” “These are great pictures,” she continued and—the biggest no-no for an abortion clinic ultrasound technician—exclaiming, ”It’s a boy!”

Jane was upset. She couldn’t believe that her ‘choice’ was getting more and more difficult. She wondered why things were happening the way they were. The ultrasound was finally complete, and her next stop was a conversation with the ‘doctor’ that was there that day to kill babies for cash.

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Jane sat across the desk from that man. He looked down at her file, and looked at the ultrasound report, and began to look distinctly uncomfortable. He may have even begun to sweat. He fidgeted around in his seat. He then did something that abortion clinic doctors simply do not ever do.

He closed her file and said, “I don’t know why I am doing this, but I am not going to do this procedure for you.” Jane asked why and he responded, “I do not know. But I am not going to do it.” He then wrote down the name of another facility and told her that if she really wanted it done, then she could go there. He ended the conversation and dismissed her.

Jane left the abortion facility upset and confused. She didn’t know what to do. It was not that she wanted to have the abortion—but she wanted to have a disabled baby even less. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life looking at the consequences of her behavior. She told her sister what had happened, and they left to drive home.

As they drove home, they called their mother. Of course, their mother was overcome with relief. She put their stepfather on the phone—and when Jane told him the story, he broke down.

He said, “Do you know what I have been doing? For the last three hours, I have been laying on the floor crying and praying that God would have someone there at that place talk you out of it. I have been praying that the doctor would refuse to do it.” Let that sink in for a moment.

Jane got serious about getting help for her addiction. She became clean, quit using narcotics and hasn’t used since then. A few months later, she delivered a healthy baby boy with no disabilities and no problems and who did not experience withdrawal. He is now a few years old, a very special little boy who has exceeded all his developmental milestones.

Jane now attends meetings, like most former addicts do. She no longer struggles with the cravings for the drugs, but still goes to the meetings because she wants to help others. God is honoring her efforts and her desires to help others. Every week she is able to be an inspiration to someone and a testimony to the power of God. She told me that there is never a single week that goes by when she is not able to help at least one addict.

God wants to honor the prayers of His people on the issue of abortion. Make the scourge of abortion in our land a daily prayer point and grow your prayer life on this topic. God will honor your efforts, just like He honored the efforts of Jane’s stepfather.

Brent Boles, MD
Dr. Brent Boles with one of the many children he has delivered (Courtesy of Brent Boles, MD)

LifeNews Note: Brent Boles, MD has been practicing medicine for two decades as an OB-GYN in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This Bound4LIFE post is an excerpt with permission from his blog The Red Pill.