After-Birth Abortions: College Students Increasingly Support Infanticide

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 29, 2014   |   4:31PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion proponents like to paint pro-lifers as extremists who go to great lengths to take away the rights of women. However, many of these abortion activists have views that are legitimately extreme and quite frankly, horrifying. Take, for example, the position that abortion should be legal in cases where the parents conceive a girl but they wanted a boy. Some activists would say women should have the right to an abortion because they shouldn’t be forced to have a child they don’t want.

proabort40But, unfortunately, supporting sex-selection abortion isn’t the worst of their extremist views; there are “pro-choicers” who support killing babies after their born. And according to Thomas Aquinas student, Mairead Mcardle, more college students are supporting post-birth abortion.

She writes in The College Fix, “Anecdotal evidence by leaders of pro-life groups such as Created Equal and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust said in interviews that not only do they see more college students willing to say they support post-birth abortion, but some students even suggest children up to 4 or 5-years-old can also be killed, because they are not yet “self aware.”

She cites the testimony of Mark Harrington, the director of Created Equal. Harrington said, “We encounter people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus we visit. While this viewpoint is still seen as shocking by most people, it is becoming increasingly popular.”

He continues, “This is the whole problem with devaluing human life at any stage—it will naturally grow to include other groups of humans; in this case, born humans as well as preborn humans,” Harrington said. “[I] talked with one young man at the University of Minnesota who thought it was alright to kill children if they were under the age of 5 years old, as he did not consider them persons until that age.”

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As LifeNews previously reported, there’ve even been students who’ve signed petitions to make abortion legal in the non-existent 4th trimester. Mcardle concludes by explaining that pro-abortion activists address the problem by saying it doesn’t exist. She writes, “[When] asked about the incident at Ohio State, at which a woman responded to a prolife display by defending infanticide, a pro-abortion activism group at the campus stated its views were similar to those of the woman in the clip.”

The leader of Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX) at Ohio State University, Devin Deitsch said, “As for post-birth abortion, I would imagine that my colleagues would think the ‘post-birth’ part was largely irrelevant, as we believe very strongly in abortion on demand, without apology, and it’s plain and simple that we should look to the woman’s morals and not shove our opinions where they, frankly, don’t belong.”

Watch students sign the fake petition for “4th trimester” abortions below.