Two Closed Abortion Facilities in Alabama Reopen

State   |   Susan Tyrrell   |   Oct 28, 2014   |   6:45PM   |   Montgomery, AL

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(LiveActionNews) — The cities of Birmingham and Huntsville, AL became a bit more dangerous again as two closed abortion facilities reopened. The state is large on abortion coverage, as it now houses five licensed abortion clinics.  The state Department of Public Health, which licenses clinics, said Wednesday that both have received licenses and are operating again after complying with laws.

These re-openings are more than just businesses complying with laws; they are certain death for the unborn, allowing abortion access again in close proximity to most areas of the state.

plannedparenthoodalabamaMost notable of the openings is the  Birmingham Planned Parenthood reopened in its original location after being shut down suddenly last January, leaving Birmingham abortion-free for most of 2014.  The Associated Press reported:

“The Birmingham clinic closed in January after firing two employees for selling abortion medication to a person in the clinic parking lot. The clinic replaced its staff and made other changes, according to public records at the health department.”

North of Birmingham, the Hunstville center,  Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, closed because of Alabama’s safety laws for surgical facilities, including wider halls and doorways, fire safety systems, and other surgical facility requirements. The Hunstville facility re-opened in a new location that met these standards. Its owner, Dalton Johnson, told, he was “extremely relieved,” adding “a lot of obstacles were coming in front of us, but we just kept moving forward.”

Pamela Willis Watters, director of Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates facility added:

“It’s going to be a great asset for women in North Alabama to have access to reproductive rights again.”

Of course, women’s rights were never actually lost; instead, babies had their right to life respected while these facilities were closed. Now they are open, and the state of Alabama is rich with abortion access, which is celebrated by those whose business is death.

Undoubtedly, these reopened facilities will have more foot traffic than they want, as pro-lifers will station themselves outside to pray, counsel women, and continue their quest to save the lives of those endangered by these “medical” facilities.

40 Days for Life has a history of praying at the Birmingham clinic, and this campaign has been no different. One local pro-lifer noticed the abortion flurry earlier this week and posted on the public Facebook page even before most media outlets reported it:

“Birmingham is no longer abortion free. The abortionist remained for the clients today and will most likely be returning tomorrow. The paid security policeman will be returning and a second abortion day is expected.”

Though the battle to save the lives of babies in Alabama was jolted a bit this week, there is no doubt the passionate pro-life community will accelerate its prayer and counseling efforts in the heart of Dixie. For them, news like this is always a catalyst to fight more for the lives that will not see the light of day if they don’t.

LifeNews Note:  Susan Michelle Tyrrell writes for Live Action News, reprinted with permission from Live Action News.