Media Ignores 400 African-Americans Marching to Stop Abortions on Black Babies

National   |   Carole Novielli   |   Oct 27, 2014   |   10:13AM   |   Washington, DC

They called it the Say So March and on October October 11,12,13 pro-life blacks held demonstrations in cities nationwide to draw attention to the large numbers of African Americans targeted for abortion.












The group Marched in DC to the steps of the Supreme Court with a message, “Stop Funding Racism from Abortion.”



The event was sponsored by the The Life Education And Resource Network, LEARN, which is the largest African American Pro-life network in the country.

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The purpose of the demonstrations, according to the group’s press release, was to encourage social activism and bring national attention to the 1,786 African American children killed each day by abortion.

Though African American women make up 12% of the population, they account for 37% of all abortions. African Americans in the United States are presently beneath the replacement rate of the existing population, the group explained.

In one of several locations where protests were held, Black leaders assembled at outside Philadelphia’s House of Horrors abortion clinic once owned by now jailed Kermit Gosnell:

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Gosnell SaySo14_065

Gosnell SaySo14_066


























Despite over 400 people (predominately African Americans) participating in demonstrations in Newark, NJ, Lawnside, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, District Heights, MD, and Washington, DC., the media virtually ignored them.


















































Connie Eller, President of Missouri Blacks for Life, traveled from St. Louis to participate in the March. She stated, “The endangerment of women nationally is at an all time high. Can you imagine the carnage that is going to result in California and any other state that permits such a deplorable standard of care. Is this because predominately these will be African American women? This is racism at its worse.”

“Politicians and the Pulpits of Black America have betrayed its people. They have been Shepard’s leading the sheep to the slaughter,” stated Rev Luke Robinson, Senior Pastor of Quinn Chapel AME Church of Fredericksburg Maryland. Rev Robinson was the keynote speaker at the rally at District Heights Church of Maryland, “Where are the leaders of righteousness and j common sense? There is no way we can continue on this path of destruction and our established leaders have failed miserably.” Rev Luke Robinson also heads The Voice Of Truth and Life Ministries of Maryland.

Johnny Hunter Say SO







In that 1999 March, LEARN’s National Director Johnny Hunter, called for a boycott of abortion giant Planned Parenthood in 1999, “We have had to boycott buses in the pass, we have had to boycott grocery stores, we wouldn’t even buy toothpaste if we didn’t like it. Its a simple solution, boycott Planned Parenthood.

Rev. Hunter was later the featured preacher at the conclusion of the documentary, Maafa21, which exposed the racial targeting of abortion on the Black community.

The film has been screened nationwide and can be viewed in full here (

For further information and to view more pictures of this year’s event go to the website