“People Stare at My Baby and Say I Should Have Aborted Him, But He’s a Miracle”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 23, 2014   |   4:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Christian’s story—the son of Lacey and Chris Buchanan — has touched millions as his family has dealt with hateful abortion activists who say he should have been aborted because he “looks weird” as a result of his eyes not forming properly in the womb.

christian10Christian was born “without eyes” as a result of a condition known as Microphalmia—literally “little eyes.” While Christian is not completely blind, he “has some light and dark perception at best,” Lacey explains.

But it’s how he looks that prompts her to receive the highest level of hate and scorn.

“I couldn’t go anywhere without someone doing something to point out Christian,” Buchanan said through pieces of paper. “Some people would even ask me, ‘What’s wrong with your son?’” Indeed, one asked why she hadn’t aborted him.

The video of the courageous mom who shares her account of rejecting suggestions that she have an abortion has been seen now by millions of people. And Lacey continues to speak out for life on behalf of the boy she saved and they have released a new video thanking people for their support (see below).

From an update:

Despite such taunts, Lacey remained strong, and as her son grew she was reminchristian11ded of how precious life is. ‘As he got older, he started laughing and playing,’ she says. ‘And when people would stare, Christian would start giggling – and they would giggle too.’

What started off as a tragedy became a heartwarming story, as people started finding Lacey on Facebook or recognising Christian from hearing about him.

‘People began to tell me how much Christian inspired them and how beautiful he is, so things got a little easier,’ Lacey adds.

Two years after Christian was born, Lacey and Chris had another son, Chandler, who is totally healthy – and Christian adores him.

Christian has now undergone palate reconstruction surgery to help him eat, so he can live a more normal life. He is now at pre-school and is a healthy, happy child.

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‘Those judgmental glances and whispers don’t really bother me anymore,’ Lacey says, ‘because I know that Christian is beautiful, inside and out. He is the love of my life and a miracle. I am so glad I chose life.’

Follow Lacey’s blog at christianbuchanan.blogspot.co.uk or you can watch her videos about Christian on YouTube