Couple Refuses Abortion After Finding Out They Naturally Conceived Triplets

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 23, 2014   |   10:23AM   |   London, England

In June 2013, Sarah Ward and Benn Smith naturally conceived triplets. The couple already had their hands full with their son Freddie, who they thought might be an only child because they struggled with fertility problems in the past. sarahwardHowever, when they found out they were expecting another baby, they were less than thrilled. At the time, they were living in a one-bedroom flat and were concerned about their finances.

They both were surprised by the pregnancy; but when Sarah went in for her 12-week scan, they were totally shocked when the sonographer detected three heartbeats. The chances of naturally conceiving triplets are about once in 8,000 conceptions. Sarah told the Daily Mail, “When we found out I was carrying triplets, we were offered a selective reduction because of the risks associated with a multiple pregnancy, but Benn and I don’t believe in abortion — and even if we did, which one do you let go? Looking at all three of them now, I know I could never have lived with the guilt of letting one of them die — always thinking there should be three instead of two.”

In March, the triplets were born two months early by emergency Caesarean section. All three babies were in the intensive care unit because they were so tiny, weighing 3 lb 12oz, 4 lb 7oz and 3 lb 14oz. The couple named the three new members of their family Stanley, Reggie, and Daisy.

According to the Daily Mail, as each baby was delivered, the doctor said “Who’s this? Happy Birthday triplet one!” Then “Who’s this? Happy Birthday triplet two” and finally “Who’s this? Happy Birthday triplet three.” Sarah said, “They brought each one over to say hello, before taking them away. After all the monsarahward2ths of worry, it was such a relief to see them all. Up until my 28-week scan they thought all three were boys, so when I found out I had a pink one, I was thrilled.”

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Unfortunately, two weeks after they were released from the hospital, Stanley contracted bronchiolitus and nearly died. Sarah recalled, “I still feel overwhelmed when I think about how we nearly lost Stanley.” Thankfully, he fought through it and is now their biggest baby, weighing 15 lbs 14 oz.

Sarah and Benn explained what it was like to bring their newborns home. They said, “It’s been incredibly hard, but we see all our children as a blessing and feel incredibly lucky. When the triplets started smiling and laughing at us, that’s when we really started to enjoy it, and we can’t wait until they start toddling. But bringing them home to our flat was a real challenge. We had a double bed, a cot and three Moses baskets squeezed into one bedroom.”

Now the family lives in a three-bedroom house and says they’ve never regretted keeping all three babies. Sarah concluded, “Love is far more important than money and there’s more than enough of that to go around. When we look at our gorgeous, happy babies smiling back at us we know they are worth every sacrifice.”