Thousands Sign Up for First Online Class to Learn How to Do Abortions

National   |   Students for Life   |   Oct 17, 2014   |   6:12PM   |   Washington, DC

“It is [] our collective responsibility as healthcare providers to decrease maternal mortality throughout the world, and ensuring access to ‘safe’ abortion is a critical step in achieving that goal,” proclaimed Jody Steinauer, associate professor at the San Francisco General Hospital (1).

Sure, the first half of that statement is good and true, preventing loss of life is elementary to sound medical practice, but is eliminating maternity itself really a prudent action to take in order to minimize mortality? Certainly the killing of a growing preborn human, the fetus, is not an ethical or reasonable solution to minimize death of any kind. To hypothetically town-down the international average of pregnancy-related deaths, is it justifiable to terminate the lives of children in the womb?

stirrups2Adhering to a philosophy like that, it is not difficult to envision her facilitating a class on abortion practices, which Steinauer does! The course is accessible world-wide, being online, offered through the University of California, San Francisco, and is called “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications.”

Starting on Oct. 13th, it is even being offered for free, right here. Steinauer, as the course instructor, will focus on global abortion access, abortion as a shared-experience to embrace, re-contextualizing abortion as a public health service, and demonizing abortion restrictions. As the internet’s first full-fledged course on abortion, the history and ethics of abortion will also be explored, from an overtly pro-abortion stance (2).

Both procedural and medication abortion techniques will be taught as therapeutic practices, presented as “patient-centered abortion care”. While the immediate anxiety of a reluctant mother can be alleviated by pregnancy termination, where is the justice and compassion if she will potentially endure a lifetime of psychological trauma, with an innocent life having been violently snuffed out?

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Jody Steinauer, creator of this controversial course and founder of Medical Students for Choice, interjected throughout a promo video the deceptive euphemism “safe abortion care.” However, no amount of word-games or semantic creativity can mask the harsh reality of abortion. Sugar-coating abortion with words like “safe” or “care” may make teaching a course on abortion more socially acceptable but it cannot deny the biological facts of preborn human life, literally ripped apart by abortionists, and the horrendous pain that abortion causes.


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