The Moment When a High School Student Changes Her Mind on Abortion: “I Get It”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 17, 2014   |   1:34PM   |   Columbus, OH

When pro-life people debate and discuss the issue of abortion with those who support it, there’s not always an immediate response when someone is presented with the pro-life perspective. It may take months or even years for someone to reconsider their position on abortion, if they ever do change their opinion.

That’s what makes this video refreshing to see.

abortionvideo2Pro-life advocates spent time with students from Northland High School in Columbus, Ohio. The video begins with all three students featured in the clip agreeing abortion is wrong. However, it then jumps back to two minutes prior when they had justified the action with statements like, “A girl’s gotta do what they gotta do.”

As the pro-life group Created Equal, whose volunteers spend time explaining the issue of abortion to the students, tells LifeNews, the students’ minds start to shift as the video progresses. One student says, “I never knew it looked like that. It’s graphic.”

Upon hearing the statistic that nearly 3,000 humans die each day by abortion, another exclaims, “A day? That’s like 3,000 of us!”

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“What changes their minds by the end? Seeing the victims and encountering respectful challenges to the default pro-choice positions they’ve accepted,” the pro-life organization says. “We are turning the sidewalks into classrooms.”

“I mean, it’s not something we really, really learn about,” one high school student explains in a new video when asked what is taught in school about abortion. She continues, “But if . . . the topic ever comes up, they’re just like, ‘If it’s necessary, you know, it’s okay.'”

The video appears below: