10-Week-Old Baby Says “I Love You” To Her Father

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Oct 17, 2014   |   4:10PM   |   Washington, DC

Over the years there have been countless stories of babies responding to their mothers’ voice, music, and other sounds while in utero.

In 2013, new resiloveyou2earch revealed that babies can even hear sounds from the outside world—and can understand them well enough to retain memories of them after birth. This was determined by a group of scientists who gave expectant women a recording to play several times a week during their last few months of pregnancy. The recording included a made-up word, which was repeated many times interspersed with music.

According to the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, by the time the babies were born, they had heard the word more than 25,000 times. And when they were tested after they were born, these infants’ brains recognized the word and its variations, while infants in a control group did not.

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Since an infant’s life starts at the moment of conception, it isn’t surprising that unborn babies are able to learn and even retain information in utero. However, when I listened to the first fifteen seconds of the video below, I didn’t believe that this ten-week-old baby was going to say ‘I love you’ back to her father. But if you wait for it– she sure does!

Watch the video and be amazed!