Udall Releases False and Misleading Ad Attacking Cory Gardner on Abortion​

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 14, 2014   |   4:59PM   |   Denver, CO

Today, the Mark Udall campaign released a false and misleading television ad with a doctor from Children’s Hospital Colorado. Lisa Goldthwait, an OB/GYN, says:

“Politicians like Congressman Gardner shouldn’t be getting between me and my patients. Congressman Gardner’s history of promoting harsh anti-abortion laws is troubling to doctors like me. Take it from doctors like me, Cory Gardner is wrong for Colorado.”

However, Dr.Goldthwait works at Children’s Hospital Colorado, making it impossible for Gardner to get in between Dr. Goldthwait and her patients because she does not perform abortions and no abortions are done at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Earlier this year, a Fox21 news story shared, “One thing Children’s Hospital Colorado clinics will not do is perform abortions. They refer those patients to a clinic in Denver.”

Image: Cory GardnerAdditionally, the ad claims that Gardner voted to stop funding for 65 Colorado health clinics. But the February 2011 vote the ad references was a vote on the Pence amendment to stop sending federal taxpayer dollars to the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The Pence Amendment did not affect the funding level for any federal program – instead it disqualified Planned Parenthood from participating because it does abortions.

Sarah Zagorski, Executive Director of Colorado Citizens for Life, said the following about the ad:

“It’s unbelievable that Sen. Udall is still going after Cory Gardner’s abortion position, especially since the Denver Post recently criticized Udall over his “obnoxious one-issue campaign.” Furthermore, Dr. Goldthwait is a long time abortion advocate, who even advocated for partial birth abortion in 2007. While 70% of American’s agree that partial birth abortion should be outlawed, Sen. Udall and Dr. Goldthwait support the gruesome procedure.”

Colorado Citizens for Life, the statewide pro-life group that represents more than 37,000 pro-life families across the state, previously endorsed Gardner.

Sarah Zagorski, the executive director of Colorado Citizens for Life, said: “Colorado Citizens for Life is proud to endorse Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate because his 100% pro-life record shows that he is dedicated to protecting the women and unborn children of our state. With over 14,000 abortions taking place in our state every year, it is critical that Colorado’s U.S. Senator is pro-life.”

During his tenure in Congress, Cory Gardner maintained a 100% pro-life voting record in the House. On 14 votes on abortion and pro-life issues, Cory Gardner has voted pro-life every single time.

On 80 votes on pro-life issues related to abortion and bioethics issues, as scored by the National Right to Life Committee, Mark Udall has a 0% pro-life voting record.

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“Sen. Mark Udall has consistently shown the people of Colorado where he stands on abortion. From voting in favor of unlimited abortion funding for businesses like Planned Parenthood, to refusing to support parental consent laws for minors, Udall holds an extreme abortion-on-demand view. His recent pro-abortion television ad, “Backwards” which features a little girl and her mother, shows the citizens of Colorado just how far he will go to promote his radical abortion agenda,” Zagorski said.

Zagorski continued: “Sen. Udall’s votes have not only hurt common-sense protections on human life, but contradict the beliefs of the majority of Americans. In a 2012 Gallop poll, only 41% of people identified themselves as ‘pro-choice.’ This is because nearly 42 years after Roe, we know much more about the unborn child and abortion. We know that abortion hurts women physically and emotionally; we know that abortion painfully dismembers a human life; and we know that the only difference between an unborn child and you and me, is their size and location.”

She concluded: “Electing Congressman Gardner will bring Colorado closer to a pro-life future, where all human life is protected under law.”