Beautiful Song Remembers My Baby I Almost Aborted But Who Died Before Birth

National   |   Hannah Rose Allen   |   Oct 13, 2014   |   3:32PM   |   Washington, DC

This is a song about a little girl, my daughter named Lily Katherine, who never took a breath in this world, yet her life has changed mine forever. In August 2009, I was 19 and unmarried, when I scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood to abort her early in my pregnancy. By God’s grace and intervention, I didn’t walk through those clinic doors. I chose life for Lily and through her life, God has brought beauty out of the ashes of my sin and brokenness.

This song captures Lily’s life and legacy and my mother heart of love for her. It is written from my perspective. A dear friend of mine surprised me with this song as a gift for Lily’s 4th birthday this past March. I will never regret my choice of life and thank God every day for the gift of my daughter and how she changed everything.

“Sweet Lily”

Lyrics and music by Heather Cofer: Inspired by the story of Hannah Rose and her daughter Lily Katherine

hannahrose2I remember the first time I heard your heart beat

And started feeling kicks from your precious little feet

I knew that your life was a gift from the Lord

One that was to be cherished and adored


How close I had come to that fatal mistake

But I knew that your life was not mine to take

Through the turmoil and questions

broke God’s gentle voice,

“Will you entrust me with this child, with this choice?”


Sweet Lily, my girl, I love you

So pure and so innocent,

kept from this world

Through laughter and tears

I will not forget

Sweet Lily, my beautiful girl


As you grew within me, my life was transformed

God’s Spirit renewed, washed clean, and restored

Where once there was emptiness, now joy overflowed

I watched in great wonder His pattern unfold.


Then came the day you were to arrive

anticipation, nervousness building inside

Then time seemed to cease, those words filled me with dread

“I’m so sorry, she’s no longer with us,” they said


You entered this world so peaceful, so still

so perfectly formed, so beautifully real

I kissed you, cuddled you, held you so near

A lifetime of moments, so short, yet so dear


My girl, through your life God worked His design

He used your existence to alter mine

And though it’s so painful you’re not here with me

I’ll treasure your life, mother your legacy


Lily Katherine, my beautiful girl…

You can read more about Lily’s life and legacy at

LifeNews Note: Hannah Rose Allen is a Christian young woman passionate about the pro-life message. Through her own experience with unplanned pregnancy, abortion and the loss of a child, Hannah Rose has become a pro-life advocate dedicated to ministering the love of Jesus to others. She tells her unique and compelling story on her website,, and at banquets and pro-life events, churches, and college campuses. Hannah Rose resides with her family in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she volunteers at her local Pregnancy Resource Center and works as a nanny.