She Was Rock Star Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend and Aborted Their Baby, Now She’s a Pro-Life Advocate

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Oct 9, 2014   |   11:41AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Julia Holcomb, ex-girlfriend of rockstar Steven Tyler, will address members of the Irish Parliament today to speak to them about her experiences of abortion regret after she aborted Tyler’s baby.

juliaholcombDuring the ongoing debate on abortion in Ireland, little or no platform is given to those women who have had abortions and have suffered sadness in the aftermath.  Their experiences are simply ignored, most likely because they would cause the wider public to arrive at the conclusion that abortion is an inherently negative experience for woman and baby alike.

The growth of organisations like Silent No More, Women Hurt, Rachel’s Vineyard and others highlight how abortion regret is becoming more and more of an issue that our policy makers need to hear about. You only need to google “abortion regret” to see the many thousands of women who are sharing their (often secret) regret over their abortions.

In today’s meeting, Julia Holcomb will be meeting members of the same government that enacted the Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy Act 2013, a law which allows abortion for the full nine months of pregnancy in the case of threatened suicide, even though there is no evidence to show that abortion ever treats suicide ideation.

Julia was five months pregnant when she was saved from a house fire and persuaded to have an abortion.  Her relationship with Tyler subsequently broke up and she suffered severe regret over the abortion and spent a long time in recovery.

She is in Ireland at the invitation of the Pro Life Campaign where she will be the keynote speaker at their National Conference this Saturday, 11th October.  You can watch a promotional video about the Conference here and Register on the Pro Life Campaign website here.