Parents Abandon Surrogate Baby Boy Because They Already Had a Girl

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 8, 2014   |   12:42PM   |   Washington, DC

After the worldwide storm over baby Gammy, a child with Down Syndrome whose parents abandoned him with the surrogate mother after he and his twin sister were born, another case of baby abandonment has cropped up.

gammyIn this case, the Australian parents who contracted with a surrogate mother in India abandoned the baby boy because they already had a girl baby. Ironically, the global phenomenon of gendercide and sex-selection abortions see girls targeted for abortions and infanticide because cultural preferences in many Asian countries is for boys over girls.

The couple decided on abandoning the baby boy despite the fact that Australian officials pleaded with the parents not to abandon him, but to take him back to Australia with them. Local media in Australia indicate the abandonment occurred in 2012 but is only coming to light now.

“They already had one sex and they didn’t want the other child,” Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant told the ABC.

In the case of Gammy from earlier this year, (he is pictured right), the mother and father of the twin baby, who wanted a surrogate to abort because he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and defended their decision to ask the surrogate mother from Thailand to have an abortion.

Here is a news report on the case:

Chief Justice Bryant said the Australian High Commission in New Delhi delayed giving the Australian parents a visa to try and convince them to take both children home.

The ABC investigation suggested that pressure had been applied to the High Commission to grant the visas by a senior political figure.

“Yes, there definitely was some pressure being placed to expedite the process to ensure they could return to Australia,” said Chief Justice Bryant. Consular officials told Chief Justice Bryant that they were concerned money had exchanged hands.

“If that’s true, that’s basically trafficking children,” she said,

Chief Judge John Pascoe has called for a national inquiry into surrogacy.

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“I am really concerned that this issue has not received the attention it properly deserves,” he said.

In another surrogacy abandonment case LifeNews covered, another surrogate mother of twin babies got word from the babies’ parents that they would abandon one of the children because of a disability. The baby was born with Congential Myotonic Dystrophy and rejected by the child’s parents. The birth mother is now raising the child as her own after the callous reaction.