Pro-Abortion Protestor Tells Pro-Lifers: “The Earth’s Vagina is Pissed Off”

National   |   Kristin Hawkins   |   Oct 2, 2014   |   4:16PM   |   Washington, DC

Because of your prayers and support, Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project is now underway.

kristanhawkinsBut it hasn’t been easy…

  • In Indiana, we’ve had the flyers for our display torn down within minutes of our pro-life students posting them.
  •  In Minnesota, we were hours from having to cancel one of our stops because a Catholic school administration kept unfairly changing the rules for our Students for Life group. (Thankfully, a strongly worded letter from me set the matter straight!)
  • In Ohio, a young girl came and tried to step on all of our crosses just as we were starting to pack up for the day.
  • In Michigan, Planned Parenthood supporters even came out to protest against us as one girl kept pacing in front of our display, hurling insults and curses to our students.

At one point, this angry student even said that “the earth’s v*gina was p*ssed off” at us! Click on the video to watch, but please don’t watch in front of little ones as there is a lot of cursing!

In all of my years at Students for Life, I’m pretty sure this student’s comment has to be one of the craziest I’ve ever heard!

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You see, those who advocate for abortion can’t allow an honest and calm discussion about Planned Parenthood. Because when the facts hit them, they know will lose the debate. Instead they insult those who deliver the message and vandalize our flyers and display to stop the message from being seen by other students.

But we know we must continue on with our tour, because it’s too important to let those on the other side stop us!