Amazing Flag Display Honors 100,000 Babies Killed in Abortions in Canada Each Year

International   |   Mike Schouten   |   Oct 2, 2014   |   4:56PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Today the front boulevard along Parliament Hill in Ottawa is covered with 100,000 pink and blue flags, as a testimony to the approximately 100,000 girls and boys that are denied their right to life every year in Canada.  This nation has never seen anything like this before!

The epic display, organized by, can’t be missed by Members of Parliament, party leaders, and even the press gallery, which is across the street. The flags stretch a span of 400 meters, right in front of the Parliament buildings and the busy Wellington Street.  They are accompanied by staff and dozens of volunteers, holding banners and distributing hundreds of information tracts to engage the MPs, staffers, media, and public who are walking by.

canada31Although we can’t provide an exact number because abortion statistics are censored in BC and Ontario, 100,000 is the approximate number of abortions that occur in Canada every single year. Every flag is a testament to a little boy or girl who was denied a welcome into our nation.

Every flag represents another child who won’t be able to take their first steps, lose their first tooth, graduate from school, or enter this Parliament as a citizen or elected official.

100,000 can seem like just another number. These flags allow us to see how many children are denied life. It would be equivalent to about 5,000 classrooms filled with children. Every single year.

Those in favour of the status-quo say that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. If they really believed that, why are they doing nothing about the 100,000 lives we see represented here?

The powerful display was organized because the Canadian government refuses to address the injustice against our preborn neighbours. Canada is the only democracy in the entire world that does not have an abortion law. Only communist China and North Korea are in our company!

The Supreme Court of Canada, in the 1988 Morgentaler decision, made it very clear that it is Parliament’s responsibility to enact an abortion law. It has been over 25 years and we still do not have a law.

When Canadians are informed that there are no laws, a majority consistently say pre-born children should be protected by the law.

It is time for all Members of Parliament to do everything they can to protect pre-born children.

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And it is time that Mr. Harper, Mr. Mulcair, Mr. Trudeau stopped treating pre-born children as if they are just a political liability. 100,000 flags bear witness to these leaders that we do need a law!