Maine Governor Paul LePage: “I Am Against the Killing of Babies” in Abortions

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 30, 2014   |   7:04PM   |   Augusta, ME

With only 35 days until Election Day, Planned Parenthood’s campaign to elect pro-abortion candidates in November is in full swing. From running deceptive television ads to attacking pro-life candidates, Planned Parenthood is doing everything in their power to ensure that they receive every bit of their 170 million dollars in abortion income.

Their latest ad attack is targeted at Maine’s pro-life Governor, Paul LePage.

The Maine Sun Journal Reports:

paullepagePlanned Parenthood’s political wing recently launched a TV ad campaign in southern Maine criticizing LePage for vetoing a bill that would have given low-income women access to birth control and preventive care such as breast cancer screenings and for cutting $400,000 in grants for the Family Planning Association of Maine from his first budget.

LePage said Friday that he did not recall vetoing that bill. Earlier this week, he criticized the Planned Parenthood ad, telling a TV reporter that Planned Parenthood needed to “do the right thing.”

After his prepared remarks, LePage was asked by a reporter to clarify that comment.

We have more people in Maine dying than being born,” he answered. “If we’re going to sustain the Maine society, we need more people. We need younger people.”

When asked whether that meant he opposed the use of contraception, which Planned Parenthood provides to its patients, LePage replied: “What I’m against is killing babies as a form of contraception. That’s what I’m against.”

Nicole Clegg, vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood in Maine, said LePage did not seem to know the facts about the group’s health clinics, and that 95 percent of the care offered there is not abortions, but services such as annual health exams, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, birth control and cancer screenings. She also said she was not surprised that LePage claimed he did not recall vetoing LD 1247, the bill to expand women’s health services to roughly 13,000 low-income women.

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“It’s not surprising. What we’ve seen nationally is that candidates with bad records or hostile positions toward women’s health tend to hide from that issue, because they know it’s going to hurt their ability to get re-elected,” she said.

However, in the ad, Planned Parenthood doesn’t mention that the reason Gov. LePage vetoed the bill was because he didn’t want to support their abortion business. Prior to the veto, their facility in Augusta, Maine received 72% of their budget from federal or state taxpayer dollars. And although Planned Parenthood claims that 95% of the services they offer are not abortions, they are infamous for using a system called “bundling, which causes their abortion numbers to appear less significant than they really are.

When a woman has an abortion, Planned Parenthood places as many as five other abortion-related services that she has received in the non-abortion services categories (such as the counseling and ultrasound prior to the abortion), thereby boosting their overall number of services. Simply put, Planned Parenthood is deceiving American’s, and Governor LePage was wise to remove their taxpayer funding in Maine.

Additionally, as LifeNews previously reported, in LePage’s veto message he said, “There is no reason to provide a taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefit to individuals ineligible for Medicaid when they already have private health insurance coverage for family planning benefits.  For those individuals who intend to make less than 100 percent of federal poverty level and therefore do not qualify for subsidized private insurance, family planning and health clinics across the state often already charge on a sliding scale, which they indicate is affordable for their clients.”

While Planned Parenthood believes that their attacks on pro-life politicians will bring women to the polls, many are predicting that the “war on women” rhetoric will fall flat in 2014.

Learn more about Planned Parenthood’s ad by watching the video below.