Days Before The Abortion of Their “Disabled” Baby,” They Said No, Now He’s Perfectly Healthy

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 26, 2014   |   5:03PM   |   London, England

Robyn and Adam Wilson were told their unborn baby might not survive and doctors advised them to have an abortion because their child was supposedly in a grave condition. Doctors said it was likely he would be born with a life-limiting illness and may have Down syndrome.

On the advice of their physicians, the Wilsons scheduled an abortion. Days later, they changed their mind and now their health child us turning two. The couple held on to a ‘slither of hope’ and refused to give up on their son and now little Harry was born healthy and with no sign of any illness and ready to celebrate his birthday.

This amazing story is another incredible reminder to not give up hope and to give life a chance:

wilsonsFaced with the devastating news her unborn child might not survive pregnancy, Robyn Wilson was advised to opt for an abortion.

The 25-year-old was told at her first ultrasound scan it was highly likely her son had a serious, life-limiting illness, like Down’s Syndrome.

An appointment was booked for a termination.

But just days before she was due to go through with the procedure, Mrs Wilson and her husband Adam, 26, decided against it.

They decided to carry on with their pregnancy and give their unborn child the best chance.

Months later the couple were overjoyed when Mrs Wilson gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Harry.

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Mrs Wilson said she and her husband clung to a ‘slither of hope’ that their baby would survive.

Now as she prepares to celebrate Harry’s second birthday, she said: ‘After being handed the results, we were told there was a very high chance our baby would die before birth.

‘We were told if he did live to birth, he might die shortly after, or that if he survived, he would be seriously ill or have health defects.

‘There was still that slither of hope but they told us advised us the best thing to do would be to have an termination.

‘When we were advised to abort, everything was just rushing through my mind – I just kept thinking “what would be worse having an abortion or having the baby in my arms for just a few minutes or days, maybe weeks?”.

‘I thought I was never going to get that first hug, his first birthday party or that first day at school – let alone more.