Mom Almost Choked Her Infant Baby to Death Twice “For Attention”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 23, 2014   |   4:09PM   |   St. Cloud, FL

Here is a mother who is not going to win any contests for mother of the year. Brenna Winter, 19, faces criminal charges for almost choking her infant baby to death twice, saying she did so “for attention.” The baby girl, who has not been named, was resuscitated and has since been placed in foster care.

In a police interview video released Monday, Winter admits to choking the baby because she was “really stressed out.” She has been in jail since June without bond. Her trial is set for November , according to news reports.

From the report:

Hospital staff witnessed a teen mother choking her newborn baby twice, and investigators say the abuse was acted out in an attempt to get attention.

On Monday, Florida prosecutors released video showing 19-year-old Brenna Winter admitting to police that she choked her baby on brendawinterpurpose.

While doctors fought to revive the girl who stopped breathing, Winter started posting on Facebook, sharing pictures of her child and telling her friends that the girl almost died.

The baby, who has not been named, was rescued by nurses after the second attack and has been placed in foster care.

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Winter, of St Cloud, dropped out of school at the age of 18 to take care of the newborn, but told police that she became stressed trying to provide for the baby without a job.

Behind bars: Winter has been in Orange County jail since June without bail. She stands accused of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and battery by strangulation

Her mother was helping take care of the child as well, but got behind on work assignments and Winter felt like she was becoming a burden.

Last June, Winter took her child to Nemours Children’s Hospital on two consecutive days, June 1 and 2, complaining the child was vomiting blood.

The child was admitted to the hospital on the second visit when staff found a small cut ‘of unknown origin’ at the base of the child’s esophagus.

Then, just after 6pm on June 6, the baby stopped breathing, setting of an alarm for hospital staff.

Nurses looked at the livefeed camera in the baby’s room and saw Winter with her hands in the child’s crib.

They rushed into the room and were able to get the child breathing again and the mother was allowed to stay in the room.

But just a few hours later, a sitter stationed in the room witnessed the mother ‘breastfeeding’ the child and ‘holding [the girl] so tightly that [her] heart rate dropped]’ – setting the alarm off again.