Pro-Lifers Knock on Ten Times as Many Doors as Planned Parenthood

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 22, 2014   |   3:58PM   |   Charlotte, NC

The 2014 midterm election season is in full swing and pro-life advocates are out in force to try to turn out the pro-life vote in an election that decides whether pro-life lawmakers or abortion activists have control of the Senate.

While pro-life groups don’t have the millions of dollars to compete with the abortion industry, what they do have our dedicated volunteers to out work their pro-abortion counterparts.

In one state, volunteers with the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List are working overtime to let people in North Carolina know that Thom Tillis is pro-life and Kay Hagan is pro-abortion.


“Our efforts to save innocent unborn babies by kicking out the pro-abortion Senators who abandon them are bearing tremendous fruit,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List. “And Planned Parenthood doesn’t hold a candle to us.”

“Planned Parenthood is desperately trying to protect their murderous industry by defending their friends in the Senate who vote for abortion 100% of the time. For example, they’re pouring $3 million into re-electing North Carolina’s extremely pro-abortion Senator Kay Hagan. Planned Parenthood has used their massive budget to call 84,000 pro-abortion voters and knock on 8,000 doors, encouraging voters to vote for Sen. Hagan, who refuses to protect babies from abortion even at 20 weeks – 5 months – of pregnancy,” she continues.

Dannenfelser added: “But we are on fire to save lives. With just 1/3 of their budget, our North Carolina team has called 244,598 pro-life voters and knocked on over TEN TIMES the doors Planned Parenthood has.”

The pro-life leader firmly believes the more voters know about pro-abortion candidates, the more likely they are to vote pro-life.

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“Research has shown that when we tell voters about a candidate’s extreme abortion position, like supporting violent late abortions after 5 months of pregnancy when the baby can feel pain, voters switch from supporting the pro-abortion candidate to supporting the pro-life candidate,” she said.

“We MUST keep beating Planned Parenthood’s election efforts. On November 4th, the voters we’ve reached across America could rise up as a pro-life army to kick out Planned Parenthood’s allies in the Senate, and vote in pro-life champions who will stand for the unborn and their mothers,” Dannenfelser added. “But pollsters are warning that a new influx of pro-abortion money is eating into our gains in several important Senate races. One of those is North Carolina, where Planned Parenthood’s friend Kay Hagan has raised $9 million compared to her strong pro-life opponent Thom Tillis, who has just $1.5 million. And Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List are adding $3 million each to Kay Hagan’s $9 million to keep this 100% pro-abortion senator in Congress.”