Planned Parenthood Ad Claims Pro-Life Woman Joni Ernst Hates Women

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 19, 2014   |   6:43PM   |   Des Moines, IA

Planned Parenthood of Iowa is spending $450,000 on a new television ad focusing on Joni Ernst’s so-called campaign against women.

The ad features women around the dinner table discussing abortion and birth control:

“I had no idea her record was this bad. Joni Ernst thinks my boss should have control over whether I get birth control or not? Why does she think she should interfere with these decisions? It’s amazing that Joni Ernst would vote to defund Planned Parenthood.

joniernstAnd she’s against safe and legal abortion. I remember when abortion was illegal, and we just can’t go back to those times again. Bottom line, Joni Ernst just does not trust women. Well then I don’t trust Joni Ernst to be our next Senator.”

First of all, Planned Parenthood is attacking Ernst because of her support of the Supreme Courts decision to allow Hobby Lobby, a Christian-run store, to refuse to pay for abortifacient drugs in their employee health care plans. The Hobby Lobby decision did not ban employees from purchasing all birth control, just ones that may kill babies in the womb.

Secondly, Bruce Braley, Ernst’s opponent, is the one who is truly extreme on abortion. Susan B. Anthony President, Marjorie Dannenfelser said the following about Bradley’s pro-abortion record:

“Congressman Braley’s claim that Joni Ernst has a ‘radical’ position on abortion is laughable, and he clearly needs to look in the mirror. In Congress, Braley has been a rubber stamp for the abortion industry. Not only has he voted for taxpayer-funded abortion, he opposed a common sense limit on abortion after 5 months of pregnancy.  Braley even co-sponsored legislation to wipe out all state limits on abortion and enshrine abortion on-demand until birth.”

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Additionally, Braley voted in favor of using live human embryos for research on human cloning. In 2007, he voted for a phony ban on human cloning, which would have allowed live embryos to be created through cloning, so they could be used in experiments. He also supported sex-selection abortion, which kills baby girls just for being girls. He has supported Planned Parenthood’s abortion business on every occasion, and Braley has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.

Finally, it’s ridiculous that Planned Parenthood is trying to spin Ernst as a component of the “war on women” considering she is a woman. If Planned Parenthood believes women know best, why doesn’t their logic follow through when they disagree with a woman’s pro-life position? In the Iowa race, the real war is against mothers and unborn babies who face dangerous times if Braley is elected as their next U.S. Senator.