Virginia Abortion Facility Violates Federal Drug Laws, Has Untrained Staff

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 17, 2014   |   1:35PM   |   Richmond, VA

In July 2014, a Virginia Department of Health inspection report obtained by The Family Foundation of Virginia uncovered violations of federal drug laws by the Charlottesville Medical Center for Women. The facility performs 12% of Virginia abortions, making them the third largest abortion business in the state after Planned Parenthood and facilities owned by Dr. Steven Brigham, whose infamous for abortion malpractice across the East Coast.

abortionhurtsAccording to The Family Foundation press release, the facility has been administering narcotics without proper licensing for two years and failed to document if patients were allergic to any drugs, and failed to take vital signs prior to abortions.

The facility also doesn’t have any staff members certified in Advanced Life Support, which is an American Heart Association standard for the use of IV sedation. The reason for the requirement is to protect women from injury or death who experience unexpected adverse reactions to narcotics.

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Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation, said the following about the violation:

“Ask any doctor and they will tell you that allowing their DEA license to expire for a week would be ridiculous but to allow it to be expired for two years and continue distributing Schedule II narcotics drugs is not just disturbing, it’s a blatant violation of federal law. This facility and this doctor have apparently been administering a Schedule II narcotic, the same Schedule of drug as OxyCotin, Cocaine and Methamphetamines, without a license.

They’ve kept no records of the amount of these drugs they’ve purchased, used, distributed or “disposed of” by other means. The report states that they have unlicensed staff members transporting drugs with no inventory records. But sadly we know the abortion industry receives preferential treatment where any other medical practice or doctor would be held accountable. In any other instance, people would go to jail or face substantial fines, but instead this abortion center and doctor get a pass and licensure simply by promising to do better. It’s absurd.”

The doctor who works at the Charlottesville Medical Center also performs abortions at three other facilities in the state. This should be disconcerting and initiate an inspection for violations at the other clinics in Virginia where he works.

Cobb concluded: “The abortion industry continues to fail to live up to its own rhetoric,” While the $1 billion industry claims to put safety first, inspection reports have found over 400 health and safety violations, violations of state and federal law, and widespread contempt for the health and safety of women in Virginia.

This center’s apparent disregard for federal and state drug laws, for the health and safety of the women who enter its doors, is beyond appalling. Our question is, did the Department of Health, when it became aware of the multiple violations of federal and state drug laws, report the doctor and the facility to any enforcement agency? In fact, did anyone do anything at all other than help cover it up?”