Dad Learns It’s Double Trouble Making Breakfast For Adorable Twin Babies

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 17, 2014   |   3:31PM   |   Washington, DC

An amusing video which may just brighten your day was recently posted to YouTube. The video, titled “Twins-Why breakfast takes longer to prepare” shows a father getting ingredients from his refrigerator, or at least he’s trying to. The description fort the video fittingly reads: “Double trouble in the kitchen! Twins often keeps you busy! The just love the fridge! Cute and fun! :-)”

twins26As the father is gathering what items he needs, his twins have been placed on the floor beside him. They don’t stay that way for long though, as one will begin to get up and work her way towards the refrigerator. Just as the father places her back down on the floor though, the other one gets up to do the same! It’s almost as if the duo planned it.

Certainly it would seem as if the distraction of making sure each little one stays in her spot makes preparing breakfast longer, but it does make it more fun at least! There is indeed laughter in the background going on in the kitchen that morning.

While it is true that two babies can make for “Double trouble” and involve a busy morning, the twins in the video showcase the laughter and life babies can provide in the simplicity of being amused by the workings of a fridge.

Such girls were full of life even before they were born, however, with each having their own characteristics and even interacting with each other! Such is the case with identical twins as well.

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Twins have been shown to interact with one another at 14 weeks. And due to the cramped space, they may even “fight!”

As our knowledge of the unborn and even this short, bright little video show, the unborn and newly born are certainly fascinating and amusing creatures!