Premature Twins Born One Week Before Legal Abortion Limit Miraculously Survive

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 12, 2014   |   2:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Just one day after the parents of a premature baby in England released a picture of their newborn in the hopes of pushing back against legal late-term abortions comes another amazing story. In this new story, the parents of premature twins are talking about what happened to their children since they were born just one week ahead of Britain’s legal abortion limit.

kylejakefrenchNichola Baird, 30, was overjoyed when told she was expecting twins but Kyle and Jake arrived just 23 weeks into the pregnancy and thelegal limit for abortions in the U.K. is 24 weeks — and higher in some cases. Research shows that babies born before 24 weeks can survive but babies at this age range are killed in abortions each and every year.

The twins were born weighing just over 1lb – the equivalent of three apples and they were rushed to critical care in different hospitals due to complications. Both required operation to close a valve in their hearts and Jake needed an operation on his bowel at just 13 days old.

Miraculously, the tots were allowed home after 17 weeks in hospital and are now healthy .

The London Daily Mail today reports their story:

Tiny twin babies born just a week before the legal abortion limit have made a full recovery, despite doctors warning their parents to expect the worst. Nichola Baird, 30, from Hebburn in Tyne and Wear, gave birth to twin boys Kyle and Jake last September. Mrs Baird, a sales manager, said she was ‘terrified’ when she realised she was going into labour weeks before she was due.

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She said: ‘I went into a complete panic when I realised I was going into labour so early. ‘I’m quite an organised person so to have this thrown on me caught me off guard. ‘We were told to expect the worst because the babies were born so prematurely.

‘The doctors said before I gave birth that babies are classed as not viable until 24 weeks so prepare yourselves for bad news. ‘I felt as though they were being treated like foetuses. Not being able to hold your children when they are born was the worst feeling, we couldn’t even touch them at first because their skin was so weak.’

Mr and Mrs Baird, who have been together for four years, were overjoyed when they were told at their 12 week scan that they were expecting twins.

Mrs Baird said: ‘Doctors gave Kyle a 50/50 chance to even survive the operation and all we could do was pray and cling on to every ounce of hope we had.

‘It was never an option for us to consider what would happen if we lost them. We took it day by day and hour by hour. Afterwards, they were both left really poorly from the operations and not knowing what was going to happen was awful. But when I held them both for the first time, it was extra special because I had waited for so long to give them a cuddle.