San Francisco May Oppose Sex-Selection Abortion Ban, Calling It Racist

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 10, 2014   |   11:25AM   |   San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California is closer to becoming the most pro-abortion city in the nation. That’s because the city is about to go on record opposing a ban on sex-selection abortions.

Why would banning abortions done simply because the unborn baby is a girl be a problem? City officials opposing the ban make the claim that somehow it is racist.

From the San Francisco Examiner story:

sexselectionabortion13San Francisco would become the first jurisdiction in the country to go on record opposing sex-selective abortion bans if a resolution stating they perpetuate racial stereotypes, being introduced by Supervisor David Chiu today, is adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

Sex-selective abortion bans prohibit terminating a pregnancy on the basis of sex, and doctors who perform such abortions can face fines, jail time or lawsuits. The bans “encourage racial profiling of women by some medical providers,” according to Chiu’s resolution, and can lead to women being denied services.

“Lawmakers across the country have successfully advocated for sex-selective abortion bans by perpetuating false and harmful racial stereotypes that such laws are necessary to stop an influx of Asian immigrants from spreading this practice, and that Asian American communities do not value the lives of women,” states the resolution, which Chiu will announce at City Hall today.

So the excuse for justifying the sexist practice of banning sex-selection? Because Asian cultures tend to be the ones where the sex-selection abortion practice is most prevalent, banning it targets Asian-Americans.

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Wesley Smith, a pro-life attorney who lives in California, commented on the logical absurdity.

“One would think that liberals–so opposed to real (and imagined) discrimination–would oppose abortion based on sexism. Nope,” he says. “San Francisco–where else?–could go on record opposing protecting female (mostly) fetuses from being aborted because they are the wrong gender.”

“I wonder if pro abortion types would oppose banning eugenic gay-selection abortion if a test could detect the sexual orientation of a gestating fetus,” he concludes.