Planned Parenthood Censors Question About Doing Abortion on Raped 13-Year-Old, Returning Her to Rapist

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 5, 2014   |   11:49AM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards today held a question and answer session on Facebook as she is in Denver, Colorado to campaign on behalf of pro-abortion Sen. Mark Udall.

The senator is facing a strong challenge from pro-life Congressman Cory Gardner and Udall is firing back by attempting to make Colorado voters think Gardner opposes birth control and would put women in jail who have abortions. To help press these false claims, the Udall campaign brought in the president of the nation’s biggest abortion business.

This writer went to the Facebook page to participate in the Q&A and ask about a relevant case in Denver where Planned Parenthood enabled a sexual abuser to prey on a 13-year-old girl over and over. The abortion giant  appears to have broken state law in ignoring the repeated rapes and abuse.

Richards censored that question by deleting it minutes after it was posted, a screen shot of which appears below:


LifeNews’ question was not the only pro-life question censored.

plannedparenthood73A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Denver, Colorado is facing a lawsuit after Cary Smith, of Federal Heights, discovered that clinic staff failed to inquire or report about suspected sexual abuse of her thirteen-year-old daughter after giving her an abortion.

As LifeNews reported last month, this case was a mother’s nightmare where an abuser took a teenage girl to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for an abortion after repeated sexual assault resulted in a pregnancy. Planned Parenthood had no trouble pocketing a few hundred dollars for an abortion but couldn’t seem to bring itself to do anything about the abuse.

The sexual abuse of this teenage girl continued after Planned Parenthood looked the other way.

Planned Parenthood would also not answer questions about the case from the mainstream media.

National Review has profiled the case and reported: “Neither Planned Parenthood nor Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains responded to National Review Online’s request for comments on this case.”