This May be the Best Ultrasound Photo Ever

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 2, 2014   |   10:13AM   |   Washington, DC

An incredible ultrasound photo has circulated the Internet the last few days. The image started on the social media web site Reddit and has made its way to Twitter and Facebook as well.

In the image, the unborn baby is holding up his thumb to give the thumbs up sign. It’s a fantastic reminder of the beauty and awesomeness of life before birth. Here’s more background on the image:

ultrasound3d21The ultrasound image on Reddit was posted on August 28 under the username meancloth, saying “ultrasound result looks good.”

Some have nicknamed the baby the “Fonzie fetus,” after the iconic cool guy character in the classic television series Happy Days, according to

The father, Brandon Hopkins, told HLN-TV that his wife is expecting twins and the babies are due to arrive in January. The couple will find out the sex of the babies soon. Hopkins said his brother called and told him, ‘Your babies are famous’!

This isn’t the first time a thumbs up ultrasound image has gone viral. LifeNews profiled another one previously:

Marie Boswell expected to get the latest information about the status of her unborn child from her physician. In a rare ultrasound picture showing her baby giving her a thumbs up, she got a progress report from the baby boy himself.

Bosworth was stunned by the ultrasound photo of her 20-week-old unborn baby giving her the popular sign when everything’s all right.

“It was really funny,” the 35-year-old mother said of the ultrasound picture she had at Wythenshawe Hospital, near her home in Manchester.

She told the London Daily Mail newspaper, “I went to the scan with my friend and my mum and we were all just laughing. He was giving us the thumbs up, it was just so clear.”

“We couldn’t believe it. I have big hands, but nothing on the scale of his,” she told the newspaper. “We’re thinking he might make a good goalkeeper. I’ve never seen a scan like this before – but we love it.”

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“I’ve been keeping it in a book because I want to show it to him when he is older,” she added.

Boswell already has a 10-year-old daughter named Olivia and the doctors informed her that her baby, expected in September, is doing just fine.