Big Bundle of Joy! Chinese Mom Gives Birth to 14-Pound Baby Boy

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 2, 2014   |   6:31PM   |   Beijing, China

Frequently at LifeNews we focus on the birth of premature babies. In some cases they could have become victims of abortion because they had some sort of problematic medical condition or because of the chance they would be born prematurely at such a low weight and level of development that they may not be able to survive outside the womb.

But here’s the birth of a baby of a different sort — a little guy who was born in Yecheng city in Shanxi province of China last weekend. The baby is approximately twice the weight of an average newborn child.

china12Hospital staff claim he weighs the equivalent of a three-month-old baby . The woman, known only as Mrs Tian gave birth at the Chongji Maternity Hospital in Yecheng city, Shanxi province according to local news reports.

The child, was born on August 23 at 7.25pm local time. Welcome to the world!

Here’s more:

According to clinicians at the hospital, the newly-born baby weighs approximately the same as a three-month-old.  It is understood that the size of the baby was a complete shock to medical staff at the hospital.

The South China Daily Post reports one staff member claiming: ‘It’s the first time I’ve delivered such a huge baby in my 30-year career,” Chongji Maternity’s director was quoted by Tencent as saying.

According to the World Health Organisation, the baby is around double the size of an average newborn.

Staff at the hospital have taken numerous photographs of the massive baby.

According to the Guinness World Records website, the world’s largest baby was born in January 1879 in Ohio weighing almost 24lbs – however the infant died 11 hours later.

An Italian baby born in September 1955 also weighed in around 24lbs but managed to survive.