Woman Kills Pregnant Mom With Knife, Tries to Cut Her Baby Out of Her Womb

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 28, 2014   |   5:41PM   |   Washington, DC

Several years ago a few cases cropped up in the United States of women who befriended pregnant mothers only to subject them to horrific violence resulting in their murders and the assailant attempting to cut their unborn baby out of their womb. Now, a new case has surfaced in Mexico.

rodriguezThere, 29-year-old Maria Rodriguez (right) has confessed to killing pregnant Nadia Avila and admits to having stabbed Avila with a knife and attempted to steal her baby but cutting the unborn child out of her womb. Avila was eight months pregnant at the time of the brutal attack and both she ad her unborn child died as a result.

Rordiguez reportedly hatched the plot after lying to her family and telling them she was pregnant. She lured Avila (below right with her husband) to her home with a promise of providing her with clothes for the baby.

She will now appear in court on two charges of murder, say police, for the deaths of both mother and unbor baby.

Here’s a news report with more:

In the chilling video confession Rodriguez says she first beat her victim unconscious after luring her to her home in Tepic with a promise of free baby clothes.

VIDEO How I Butchered Mum-to-Be To Steal BabyShe said: ‘When I covered her mouth, she bit me and then I took her hands behind her back to defend myself, but I did not kill her then.

‘She was shouting, asking me to leave her in peace. Then I beat her again and she fell to the ground unconscious and then I opened her stomach. ‘I just lowered her trousers and stabbed her stomach. She reacted a bit in that moment, but just a bit.

‘I held her arms down and I took the baby as soon as I could in order to take the baby before it suffocated. But I could not take the baby. I tried but it was impossible and the baby came out dead.’

Rodriguez told police she was ‘obsessed’ with having a baby and did not know how to admit to her family that she was not pregnant.

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‘I had a delayed period and I checked my blood but the results were negative,’ said Rodriguez. ‘I was obsessed with having a baby and all my family thought I was pregnant. But this was a lie and I did not know how to get out of it. I thought there was nothing I could say, but when I saw her I thought about this idea.

‘I did not know anything about her, I had just seen her twice.’ “When I saw her stomach it came to mind to do this, how I could manage to end the lie. And it came to my mind to steal her baby in order to continue the lie,’ said Rodriguez.

A 2012 case had a Wisconsin woman. who confessed to cutting an unborn baby out of a woman’s womb in an attempt to steal the child, sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In 2011, police say Kathy Michelle Coy told a 21-year-old pregnant friend in Kentucky that they were shopping for baby supplies. Instead, Coy took Jamie Stice to a wooded area, subdued her with a stun gun, and cut out her baby from her abdomen.

In 2009, a woman near the nation’s capital was arrested in a chilling case that saw her capture a pregnant woman and hold her captive for days in her apartment.