Actress Scarlett Johansson Designs New T-Shirt for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 26, 2014   |   3:08PM   |   Washington, DC

Actress Scarlett Johansson has designed a new t-shirt for the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. The shirts are meant to raise funds for the abortion giant’s political group as it prepares to launch an advertising campaign to trash pro-life candidates.

The campaign is also responding to the Supreme Court’s decision protecting Hobby Lobby and other pro-life-run businesses that do not want to be forced pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees.

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scarlettjohanssen2“When I heard that some politicians were cheering the Supreme Court’s decision to give bosses the right to interfere in our access to birth control, I thought I had woken up in another decade,” said Johansson in a statement.

Johansson, who has starred in Hollywood hits including Iron Man and Lost in Translation, designed the shirt to help the pro-abortion-rights group’s political arm raise money for its “Women are Watching” campaign.

The campaign intends to target candidates who support the high court’s Hobby Lobby ruling. The Supreme Court allowed “closely held” companies with religious objections to opt out of covering birth control for employees under ObamaCare.

The pink T-shirts designed by Johansson read, “Hey Politicians! The 1950s called …” on the front. On the back, the shirts say: “They want their sexism back!” Text on the left sleeve is signed, “Love Scarlett Johansson.”

“Women will be the key to the elections this November and it’s more important than ever that young women register to vote and vote for the candidate that will stand up and fight for them,” said Johansson.

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Actress Gabrielle Union, along with Natasha Lyonne and Selenis Leyva, the stars of the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” are set to release their own T-shirts for Planned Parenthood in the next two months.

This isn’t the first time Johansson has promoted abortion and the nation’s largest abortion business.

Promoting the Planned Parenthood abortion business is nothing new for actress Scarlett Johansson and she did it again at the Democratic National Convention.

Johansson is no stranger to promoting abortion. In 2006, she attacked President Bush for his pro-life views on abortion. She said women’s rights would be doomed if the law was left up to him.

She accused the president, in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, of denying women their rights and forcing them to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

“We’re supposed to be liberated in America but if our President had his way, we wouldn’t be educated about sex at all,” she said. “Every woman would have six children and we wouldn’t be able to have abortions.”