She Was Dragged Out of Her Home in the Middle of the Night and Forcibly Aborted at Six Months

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 25, 2014   |   3:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Liu Xinwen was dragged out of her home in the middle of the night by 20 officials, who kicked down her door and restrained her husband.  They forcibly aborted her and killed her unborn baby, despite the fact she was six months pregnant.

At 4 a.m. in the morning last summer, 20 officials from the Shandong Province Family Planning Commission forced their way into the home of Zhou Guoqiang and his wife. The officials kicked down the door of the family’s home. Mr Zhou was held down while his wife was pulled from her bed and taken away.

forcedabortionLiu Xinwen, 33, was taken to the People’s Hospital of Fangzi District in Weifang City where she was injected with an abortion-inducing drug. Her baby, which she would later discover was a boy, died a day later in her womb.

Her husband was not told where she had been taken. It took him five hours to find her at the hospital. By then, the injection had been given.

Liu’s case is one of several that Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, has compiled in a Complaint with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) against the Chinese Government for the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy.

The Complaint chronicles the history of savagely cruel and profoundly disturbing reports emerging from China over the past year.

Littlejohn told LifeNews: “The mayhem caused by China’s One Child Policy continues unabated and has taken some troubling new twists, with people being driven to mental breakdown, murder and suicide, as well as an obstetrician using her position of trust in order to traffic babies.  The minor modification of the Policy that took place on January 1 of this year has failed to solve these problems.  The One Child Policy does not need to be modified.  It needs to be abolished.”

Some of the other cases included in the complaint:

  • In China’s Guangxi Region, a man stabbed to death two government workers after they told him he could not register his fourth child because he did not pay the “social compensation fee.”  He injured four other workers, including severing the hand of one. “Crazed Chinese father-of-four stabs two government officials to death over one child policy.”  7/24/13.  (Although this incident happened before August 1, 2013, it happened so close to the deadline that it was not included in our 2013 report, so we have included it here.)
  • In Hunan Province, a husband demanded compensation from the Chinese government, claiming that his wife, Gong Qifeng, has suffered from schizophrenia and violent behavior since she was forcibly aborted at seven months in November, 2011.  “Forced abortion at 7 Months – The Horror of China’s One Child Policy Sparks Further Outrage.” 8/7/13; “Chinese couple seeks damages for forced abortion.” 1/10/14
  • Ai Guangdong, a farmer in Hebei Province, killed himself by drinking pesticide during a dispute with family planning officials over fines for his over-quota children.  Since the farmer did not have money to pay the fines, family planning officials confiscated 3.5 tons of corn, the entire savings of the family.  Ai Guangdong then visited the home of the Party Chief to dispute this action.  Finally the farmer drank pesticide at the home of the Party Chief, and promptly died.  “Farmer drinks poison after being fined for violations of family planning policy.” 12/8/13
  • In Xinjiang Province, four Uyghur women were forcibly aborted, one of them at nine months.  As ethnic minorities, Uyghurs are supposedly exempt from the One Child Policy.  This is not the case. While they may have more than one child, they are nevertheless subject to coercive termination of out-of-plan pregnancies.  “Four Uyghur Women Forced to Abort Their Babies in Zinjiang.”; “Xinjiang authorities try to force six women to abort for violating one-child policy.” 12/30/13
  • An obstetrician in Shaanxi province, Zhang Shuxia, was convicted of trafficking seven infants, after she had convinced their parents that the infants were seriously ill or deceased.  She was given a suspended death sentence.  It has been estimated that 70,000 children a year are trafficked in China.  The doctor sold boys at a premium, costing more than twice as much as girls.  “Obstetrician convicted in Chinese baby-trafficking case.” 1/16/14; “Chinese doctor sentenced to death for selling babies.” 1/14/14
  • In Guizhou Province, a farmer and father of four committed suicide because he could not afford to pay the fines to enroll his children in school.  His wife stated, “He said to me before he cut his wrists, ‘What did we bring them into the world for, to be as dumb as cattle?  I cannot see my children grow up uneducated.’” After his death, the authorities provided the family with a new house and money to educate the children. “Chinese father of four commits suicide over one-child policy fines so his children can go to school.”  5/26/14

 The Complaint argues that the recent “reform” – really, a minor modification – of the One Child Policy has done little or nothing to end coercive population control or gendercide.

 The Complaint discusses the connection between China’s One Child Policy and sexual slavery, arguing that the State Department’s recent promotion of China from a Tier 3 to a Tier 2 nation was baseless and unwarranted.

 The Complaint also discusses a recent study finding that multiple abortions leads to a greatly increased risk of breast cancer.

 The Complaint decries the Chinese Communist Party’s practice of persecuting the children of dissidents, including Anni Zhang, ten-years-old at the time of her persecution, who is now being cared for in the United States by WRWF President Reggie Littlejohn and her husband.

 The Complaint acknowledges the UNCSW for its “Agreed Conclusions” condemning forced abortion, sterilization and contraception.  It nevertheless challenges the UNCSW to investigate the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), which was found to be complicit with coercive family planning by former Secretary of State Colin Powell.