Ireland: Pro-Life Group Launches Fund to Support Premature Baby Victimized by Abortion Law

International   |   Pro Life Campaign   |   Aug 22, 2014   |   11:08AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

The Pro Life Campaign has launched The Little One Fund.

The fund has been created to help ensure that the baby born at 25 weeks as a result of Ireland’s abortion law is looked after in every way possible in the future and that other babies who may be born in similar circumstances receive all necessary care.

ireland38The funds raised will be placed in a trust and will be used to ensure that this baby and others will receive the best medical care available and that their future welfare and well-being is assured.

Writing in the Irish Times newspaper, Dr. Ruth Cullen spokesperson for the Pro Life Campaign outlined how the baby who is clinging to life in an Irish hospital represents ‘an inconvenient truth’ for pro-choice campaigners.

Dr. Cullen said:

“This week abortion advocates have done their best to ignore a little inconvenient truth – a small baby who survived our abortion law and who is still struggling for life in one of our hospitals. This baby’s very existence shines a light on the inhumane reality of abortion. But abortion advocates just look the other way.”

She also highlights the fact that women victims of abortion are also omitted from the pro-choice narrative and refers to the ‘hierarchy’ of reporting on cases that involve the abortion issue.

“It’s not just children, born and unborn, who are deliberately omitted from the pro-choice narrative. Women victims of abortion are too. Not all tragedies involving pregnant women are treated equally by the media. There is a hierarchy: those that can be used to advance the abortion agenda are at the top and are given vastly greater coverage. Controversies that do not reflect well on the abortion industry are either ignored or downplayed.  How many people reading this will have heard about the death of a woman from Ireland in the back of a London taxi after an abortion in 2012, a woman who had no life-threatening condition prior to the abortion? Or how many recall hearing about the case of a UK abortionist being struck off the medical register in 2011 for very nearly killing an Irish woman while aborting her child?”

Another incidence when stories are often ignored by the media is where they reveal the murkier side of the abortion industry.

Dr. Cullen said:

“Where was the media’s interest in all things abortion when it was revealed that in one year alone 66 infants who survived NHS abortions in the UK were left to die, with one living for 10 hours while hospital staff deliberately ignored the baby’s struggle for life?”

Amidst calls this week from pro-choice campaigners for the repeal of Article 40.3.3, Ireland’s constitutional protection for the unborn child, Dr. Cullen concluded:

“Literally thousands of Irish people are alive today due to the protection article 40.3.3 offered them, whether directly or indirectly, during their earliest and most vulnerable stage in life.”

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