You Won’t Believe What These Parents Say About Their Son Who Has Down Syndrome

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 19, 2014   |   11:18AM   |   Washington, DC

In our society, many people view children with Down syndrome as a burden or as people who will never reach the potential of other human beings. This is because some have medical hurdles to jump, educational mountains to climb, and daily living skills to learn that are a little different than everyone else.

hartmansHowever, if I were to give a parent the news that their child would have Down syndrome, I would not lift up the aforementioned challenges.  Instead I would tell them that they had been given one of the most loving and sensitive children imparted to a family.  This baby would see the world through eyes that readily perceive the positive in situations and people alike.  The laughter and joy they exhibit and impart are without measure.

I would share that their child’s life would have meaning and purpose.  This baby would learn and grow and contribute in society, perhaps more than most can imagine.  Many individuals with Down syndrome are gainfully employed, read at a functional level, and even have roles on television and in movies.

Also, it’s important to remember that anything worth doing or having requires effort and commitment.  In that regard, raising a child with Down syndrome is no different than any other child.  Their lives are rich, full, and fraught with meaning.

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Watch what Jim and Jesse Hartman share about their son who has Down syndrome in the video below.