Democrat Elected to Congress as a Pro-Lifer to Hold Rally With Planned Parenthood

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 14, 2014   |   12:33PM   |   Augusta, ME

How does one campaign on a pro-life stance and then turn around and have a rally with Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in America?

In 2002, Mike Michaud, a Democrat from Maine, was elected to U.S. Congress on a pro-life stance, but now he’s having a “Women for Mike” rally with Planned Parenthood. Cecile Richards, the president of the abortion giant, is set to headline the event. The purpose of this event is to draw support for his upcoming race for Governor of Maine.

Michaud’s campaign announced in a statement, “Cecile imikemichauds a tireless advocate for women throughout this country and state. We’re eager to have her in Maine campaigning for Mike and talking about why he’s the strongest candidate in the governor’s race and the only candidate who will bring Democrats, Republicans and independents together to do what’s best for Maine women and families.”

Not only is Michaud “pro-choice”, he also supports using our tax dollars to pay for abortions. Earlier this year, NARAL Pro-choice America and Planned Parenthood endorsed Michaud because he was the only candidate they could trust to stand up for a woman’s right to make their own health care decisions.

Additionally, when the U.S Supreme Court struck down Massachusetts’s buffer zone, he voiced his opposition. He said: “I remain concerned that the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a buffer zone outside of a health care clinic sets a dangerous precedent — as we have already seen firsthand in Portland. Without action, I am deeply worried that women again will face significant barriers to obtaining the health care they deserve.”

While abortion supporters cling to words like “health care” to convince people that abortion is best for society, hurting women and dismembering human beings is not healthcare. However, Michaud tells his supporters that his views on abortion have “evolved” since his stance in 2002.

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And what have they evolved into? His position has evolved into a radical-pro-abortion agenda, which supports Planned Parenthood. What this means is that he supports a business that rakes in 170 million dollars in abortion income every year, has been found guilty of Medicaid fraud, covers up statutory rape, and wants to teach our teenager girls that its a-ok for their boyfriends to push them into participating in violent sex.

If his position truly “evolved”, he would realize that aligning himself with Planned Parenthood is stepping toward more abortion and more devastated women in Maine.