45 Babies Would Die in Abortions Every Single Day, But This Happens

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 14, 2014   |   4:13PM   |   Washington, DC

Every year, 16,000 babies are saved from abortion after their mothers see an ultrasound of their unborn baby at a Pregnancy Resource Center. These centers are run by volunteers who want to provide women facing crisis pregnancies a safe place to go to find help, guidance, and support.

When a women is in crisis, they often can only think about the here-and-now and not about the ramifications an abortion might bring. They are thinking about the reaction of their parents, their friends, and their partner. They are contemplating how much their life will change if they have a baby, and if they can financially care for another human being.

Others may be in direr circumstances, such as becoming pregnant because of rape or incest, being in an abusive marriage or relationship, or living in extreme poverty, wondering where their next meal will come from. Whatever the situation, these women are looking for help and a solution to their crisis immediately.

baby20This is why when a woman walks into an abortion clinic and hears that abortion doesn’t end the life of another human being and is a safe and fairly pain-free procedure, they leave thinking they may have found what they were looking for. At an abortion clinic, women will not find out that 60% of women who have abortions suffer from post-traumaticstress disorders, or that suicide rates among women who’ve had abortions are six-times higher than those who have given birth.

They will not hear that abortion will increase their risk of infertility, breast cancer and future ectopic pregnancies. And they most definitely won’t learn about all the women who have been maimed or even killed at the hands of an abortionist. All they will know for certain is that they have an all-eclipsing crisis and the woman at Planned Parenthood told them that abortion is “no big deal”.

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These lies can destroy women and their families, making the work of Pregnancy Resource Centers all the more crucial. Women need a place to go where they will receive counsel from someone who isn’t financially invested in their decision and will tell them the truth about abortion. While abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood claim they offer women other options, such as adoption and motherhood, over 90% of pregnant women who walk through their doors end the life of their unborn child.

However, at Pregnancy Resource Centers women are given the truth about all their options. Also, they can receive everything from basic education and peer counseling, to free ultrasounds and professional counseling. Many centers even provide support for women after they’ve had their baby. They supply women with baby clothes and food, facilitate parenting classes and walk alongside them as they venture into motherhood.

Currently in the United States, there are 2,000 of these centers, and it is our duty as pro-lifers to work alongside them in their efforts to save lives. As the video below displays, 16,000 babies saved from abortion every year means that there are 45 more birthdays every single day!