Planned Parenthood Tells Teen to Let Her Boyfriend Beat Her With a Horse Whip

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 13, 2014   |   8:55AM   |   Washington, DC

Yet another Planned Parenthood abortion business has been caught telling a teenage girl to subject herself to violent sex at the hand of her partner. This time, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minneapolis told an undercover investigator posing as a young teen to allow her partner to abuse her with “rope burns” and “markings” from “clamps.”

In Minnesota, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counselor tells the Live Action investigator, posing as a 15-year-old girl, that “anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual.”  That includes going to sex shops, two of which the counselor recommends specifically.

plannedparenthood125“I wouldn’t say abuse,” the counselor says of these dangerous behaviors, “because it’s consensual, but [they’re] definitely extreme.”

The Planned Parenthood official tells the 15-year-old that if the investigator’s sex partner “wants to try something that … is gonna cause you harm or pain, and you’re okay with that, that’s a completely different thing than [sic] if he wants to try something to do that you’re not okay with[.]”

In the video, below, the Planned Parenthood abortion business counselor recommends two specific sex shops where the underage girl can get “sex toys” and “sex props.”

Live Action president Lila Rose tells LifeNews she is very concerned by what Planned Parenthood is willing to tell young, impressionable teenage girls, who are not yet of legal age to consent to sex.

“What else could an underage girl agree to that Planned Parenthood would call “completely normal”?  Cuts?  Broken bones?  Statutory rape?” Rose asks. “This is the mentality in which Planned Parenthood wants to indoctrinate our kids.  Please watch our video, get informed, and help us to put an end to this billion-dollar corporation’s outlandish influence on America’s children.”

Rose says “the new video lays bare Planned Parenthood’s sexual ethos, even for kids: abusive, demeaning, and violent sexual behavior is ‘normal’ and ‘OK’ as long as the recipient believes that she’s consented to it.”

She continues: “Planned Parenthood has covered up the statutory rape of minors for years as well, not taking child sexual abuse seriously.  Apparently it’s ‘yes’ to everything – to depraved and dangerous behavior – as long as there’s ‘consent.'”

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Planned Parenthood received over $540 million in taxpayer funds in its last reported fiscal year.  The organization also gets tax funding to be a “navigator” for ObamaCare, in addition to having been assigned more public millions from the government program PREP (the Personal Responsibility Education Program), which addresses sex education specifically.  Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, two regional affiliates exposed in previous Live Action SexEd releases, have received PREP grants.

This is the fourth recording of questionable and even dangerous teen sex counseling sessions from Planned Parenthood.  Live Action is demanding that legislators defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayer money, and that superintendents nationwide expel Planned Parenthood from their schools.

A previous video showed a Planned Parenthood staffer in Portland, Oregon offering disturbing sex counseling to someone she thinks is a fifteen-year-old girl. The video clearly shows the counselor encouraging the young girl to allow herself to be victimized in violent sexual encounters with her partner.

Previous SexEd installments showed Planned Parenthood locations in Indianapolis and Denver offering similarly disturbing advice to investigators posing as minor girls. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, under whose jurisdiction the Denver facilities lie, is now being sued for sending a 13-year-old abuse victim back to her abuser after aborting her baby.

“It seems that the thing Planned Parenthood is most terrified of telling anyone is ‘don’t’ – even if it’s a commonsense warning against the extreme physical, emotional, and mental harm these practices can cause to minors,'” Rose concluded.  “That’s a great way to bring about more teen sexual activity, more teen pregnancy, and more sexual abuse.”