Couple Who Wanted Surrogate to Abort Twin Baby With Down Syndrome Hiding in Home to Escape Media

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 8, 2014   |   3:59PM   |   Washington, DC

The mother and father of the twin baby Gammy, who they wanted a surrogate to abort because he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, have been found to be hiding in their home during this entire ordeal to escape media attention.

The story is sending shockwaves throughout the pro-life community as it highlights the problems associated with abortion, surrogacy and the targeting of babies with Down Syndrome, 90% of whom die in abortions, according to some reports.gammy9

David and Wendy Farnell had not been seen since it emerged they abandoned Gammy in Thailand and returned to Australia with his healthy twin sister. Child protection officials had been trying to touch base with the man and his wife since Tuesday but visits to their home in Bunbury, south of Perth, went unanswered. An investigation was launched this week into the safety and welfare of the twin sister but authorities were unable to find the family.

Now the London Daily Mail indicates the infamous couple has been located — in their own home.

Gammy’s parents were in their home all week while media waited outside. They did not shower or use the computer as they were afraid reporters would detect their presence inside the house. The couple even remained hidden inside while RSPCA took away their dog.

Now, they are asking observers to hear their side of the story before passing judgment and David and Wendy Farnell will speak on 60 Minutes on Sunday about what happened.

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From the story:

They remained undetected on the two occasions child protection officers came to the Bunbury home to speak with the parents, reports.
The couple have been sought by the Western Australian Department of Child Protection, who wish to assess the Farnells suitability as parents since it was revealed that David Farnell, 56, is a convicted pedophile.

The Farnells also refused to come to the door when the RSPCA took the family dog away, believing the couple had left their home and abandoned their pet. The couple say they fed their dog everyday before it was taken away on Tuesday.

It is understood the Farnells have contacted the department this week.

The Australian parents of baby Gammy left their home at midnight on Wednesday. On Thursday night, they filmed an interview with 60 minutes, pleading with Australians to ‘hear their side of the story before passing judgment on them’.

60 Minutes will make a donation to the charity Hands Across The Water, but the couple were not paid for the interview. Hands Across The Water have already raised more than $200,000 for Gammy’s treatment and care. They will support Gammy until he has completed his education.

A preview of episode shows Mr Farnell explaining, ‘We wanted to bring him with us.’

Meanwhile Gammy’s surrogate mother, Pattaramon Chanbua, declined to give an interview with the program, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

‘I don’t want money from them,’ she said. ‘I don’t need their help.’